Which red to ascend

Who do I ascend first…Azlar, Marjana or Natalya? All are ready to put on those rings!

Following. I have 2 of the 3, and 1 ring short.

It probably depends on who you have, but Marjana is the most flexible and is good offense, defense, and not bad titans.

I’d do Marjana, mostly because I think she is good everywhere. Azlar mostly everywhere. Natalya I couldn’t tell you really.

Marjana or Natalya first, Azlar second.

Personally i take only one from Marjana and Natalya, leaving the other ‘unlevelled’ and working on Azlar instead.

This way you have a strong fast and a strong tiles heroes.

I have 4/80 Ares and only one set of rings (they seem to be hardest thing for me to aquire). The ladies and the lion are all at 3/70.

I’d do Marjana. 20 characters

Your pick then.
You already have the best red, and pretty much all this heroes are a good choice.

You don’t do wrong whatever your choice is, pick what you like :wink:

Follow up:

Complete this sentence: in E&P the most important thing to me is ______________, followed by ________, etc.

Answers can be: Titans, Raiding, being raided, AW, world map (doubtful), etc. Answers will vary based on your answer :slight_smile:

If it is titan slaying then probably Azlar for his tile damage, as an example. Especially standing next to Ares with the attack and critical buff.

+1 to this as well. One of those “which cookie do I want”…anyway you choose, you still get a good cookie.

Ok…raiding. I already avg 25-30 k on 9* Titan hits…

I want three cookies! SG sees to it that my wants won’t kill me or make my fat :wink:

Natalya is really a game changer, but she’s a game changer at 3-70 as well. I would ascend Marjana first, Natalya second and Azlar third. Marjana is a great tank and fast on defense, especially in AW where the red tank thing seems to be popular. Natalya is supreme at raid offense and allows you to win raids you should be losing. Azlar is a nuclear bomb, but has slow mana. I prefer fast or medium mana heroes.

If you already have a 4/70 Kelile: Natalya
If you don’t have Kelile: Marjana

  • Puss
  • Marja
  • Santa
  • Grazzy

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Grazzy sadly is a cleric, which disqualifies her a little bit due to 3 other clerics waiting for emblems.

Marja and Puss are rogues and would both be great for my roster.

Or should I wait/hope for the french welding torch of February?

They are all great heroes even if JF (followed by Grazul) would be the best choice in a defending scenario. Grazul is useful for green titans to prevent them to strip your team’s attack bonus.

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Do Puss if you want to replace Boldtusk for titans or raids. Santa for tank. Marj for raids or defense. Also firing Puss flips attack down, so same diff

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Puss got the rings…

With a sturdier tank, I’d reroll…

I have Puss at 3.70 but no minion 5* on 4th tier, so he’s staying there for a while.

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If Puss fires and summons all those minions, that’s gonna be a tough team to beat

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