Which red to ascend next?

As a CTP my luck is running out and I’m basically left with S1 hero’s now on red.
I have Jean Francoir and Grave maker fully leveled and Zimkitha is on her way. So who will be the next one after that?
Contenders are:
Noor Love and hate her. Have got freya, might be a nice synergy?
Reuben well, very lackluster but not too bad either
Elena if she goes off, she is one of the most devastating hero’s I’ve encountered yet…she hardly ever goes off…
Khagan Similar but not as devastating as Elena IMO
Last not least, Anzogh…don’t even have an opinion on that one

Or wait entirely until something more future proof pops up? I’m just tired of spending in this game as it is too much of a waste given the odds and my luck :smirk:, so I may be stuck with what I got…
Thanks for every idea!

Don’t underestimate the synergies of Anzogh and Wilbur/Boldtusk.

On balance, none of your 4 choices are very good. If I had to pick one, I’d go with Anzogh, but waiting for something better also is good strategy. Maybe if you have costume versions of the S1 heroes that would change.


I feel you on the spending, but there is no such thing as future proof in a game like this

I think I am going to give Noor my next rings.

I have Elena at +7 (all attack + HP) and she is a great contributor. She is completely different at full ascension - if you have been using her at 3-70 I can imagine you’d be tired of seeing her get knocked out

I like the idea of Anzogh, but I don’t have him

To me Elena is the pick, but that might be a controversial view

Khagan and Reuben, in my view, both suck


It seems, they all have their niche function, but none of them entirely convinces.

Noor because of a possible synergy with Freya and Lady of the lake
Khagan hits hard + mana down, good for fast tournaments
Elena same but better
Reuben…M…E…H :smirk:

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Chuck g.falcon in that mix it’s a good team.
I vote Anzogh

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Based on your options, I would probably do Anzogh. Hits all and constantly goes off. Irritant when going against him in raids & wars.

Only benefit of Elena is when she goes off, she also has the counter which comes in handy on certain stages in both S2 & S3.

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If you aren’t feeling it for any of your choices, wait. Unless not having one of these finished is really holding you back.

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Yeah, thats a good point actually! With almost every hero you are about to ascend comes a certain excitement and expectation. These heros dont excite me at all. I mean, they are decent enough but as you are saying, im not feeling it! :wink:

Thing is, to pull a hero on red that Im feeling can take years…
Only red im really pining for would be black knight…

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If you get enough mats for a second hero before you get one that excites you. Choose then. I would go with Elena. BK is definitely a good choice for a persons short list of reds. I would add Garnett, Gefjon and Tyr to name a few.

I was going to say Garnet. He is the most annoying hero on defense Ive ever encountered. Much worse (better) than BK IMO. Tyr is not so interesting though.
I think I will ascend Noor next. She has some sort of fun factor at least :slight_smile:

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I’d say probably Anzogh, given what you have to work with.

But I’ll also say this: I got Noor. I was not impressed with her. I leveled her to 3-70, and she sat there for quite a while with a 3-70 Elena. I had 10 Mystic Rings waiting because I really was hoping for someone better to come along.

Then one day, I just ran out of patience, and picked one: I ascended Noor. I now have her maxed, and I think she’s great. Yes, she’s Slow speed. Yes, she does no direct damage, does no direct healing, she ONLY summons minions. But those are some TOUGH minions: 25% health and 25% attack! I had underestimated how good they are.

I’m using Noor, unemblemed, as my tank in the current Bloody Battle tournament, and I’m holding Grade A with my defense. :slight_smile: She and Gullinbursti are the two heroes I use in my inexorable push through the S3 Hard map - once she gets some minions out, and Gullinbursti starts boosting health, by the end of the stage, everyone has 2600-3200 health and 2-3 Noor minions, and it’s just a breeze to finish levels.

When I had Noor at 3-70, I never would’ve made this recommendation. But I strongly suggest taking a close look at Noor. I still think Anzogh might be a better choice for you, but Noor should be considered.

Good gaming!


Well, thank you! You just confirmed my above mentioned hunch and will max her up. Strong or not, I think the minion meta provides some good challenge and noor with Freya and then some hard hitters sound like fun :slight_smile:

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I agree with this decision. None of these heroes will be on your defense…just have fun. Sometimes we forget the essense of a game…to enjoy.



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