Which red tank

Hello everyone, which is the better solution for a red tank?
Thanks for your opinion!

Depending on the rest of your defense display, if you have heroes who can benefit from BK buffs and need a sturdy tank go for him, If not, Elizabeth.

BK is harder to kill. And more dangerous on double formations.
Elizabeth is more annoying and harder to counter than BK.

For wars I´d choose BK in healing , and minion battle mode. Elizabeth in VF, equalizer and arrow. In buff mode I´m not sure, probably Elizabeth.

Cool thanks a lot for feedback

For me personally, BK is a much more difficult tank. Also, bringing 2 healers nullifies most of Liz’s power. Yeah you can dispell BK’s taunt, but he seems a lot more sturdy.


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I have both and currently testing them.

For raids - in standard and reverse I think Elizabeth is better. For double BK is better.

For wars and tournaments: BK is better for rush, attack boost and Elizabeth for equalizer, arrows and bloody. For minions I have not yet formed an impression, but I think BK might be better as he offers more protection to Skadi attacks and Elizabeth fiends can be replaced by minions easier.

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Good Call seeker. I always assume war defense and not all the different formations. Well done!

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Depends on the team synergy…But BKBis still better choice for red tank

It will be for the war defense. My team will looks like that

With this team u can drop lizz but still tough choice lizz is still a top rated hero but not a tank bk hold the position…

Elizabeth is the best tank in the game in my book. Hardest team to beat? A standard formation Elizabeth tanked team. If you don’t get the tiles quickly you’re toast. With BK you have a little more time if he fires and no permanent mana slow until heal.

From watching YouTube vids the last couple of weeks there appears to have been a move to Elizabeth tank with double green flanks.

I personally struggle more against BK as Flank as opposed to tank. Whereas Elizabeth is always first on the kill list.