Which red(s) to limit break?

So, returning player here. I got pretty lucky in my first few pulls on my return (over a year away), and I got a few new heroes. So I am going to ask for the opinions of those who are here, in the hopes that I will get sound advice.

I have enough in the way of essences to LB 2 of my red heroes. Which two would you do?

  • Costume Azlar (both costumes present)
  • Roughian & Nurgib (January '23 HotM)
  • Kravekrush (the Season 4 ettin)
  • Jean-Franscois (yep. 2020 HotM; still one of my best reds)
  • Vanda (no costume, from Morlovia)
  • Save your second LB; only use that one that I selected earlier.
  • These are all rubbish; do not LB any of them.

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