Which red new to the game

I have Russel, too. Although I haven’t done much with him. Pulled Cillian and switched focus to him, but he’s at a mat wall at 3^60. Currently working on Guardian Falcon (dude is at 3^16 and will NOT upgrade his stupid special… seriously still at lv 3 from ascending. Not once during leveling has his special leveled up, even feeding him same color heros only. RNG hates me ToT)

I have been lucky with some great fire pulls, so here are my options after GFalcon:

  • Elena (squishy) 1^32
  • Russell 1^26
  • Colen 2^20
  • Shale 1^40 (some say he’s a good tank… I don’t see the potential with this guy)
  • Noor (base)
  • Kelile
  • BoldTusk

I’m pretty new (lv 24), so I would likely hit a mat wall pretty quick with any 5* hero, but can at least get a 4* to 3^60… I’m thinking BoldTusk, but I could be persuaded.

Subquestion… I only need 1 more hidden blade to ascend Cillian to 4^… should I save them for BoldTusk or someone else?

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first of all, focus. 1 finished hero worth more then 5 unfinished ones. as you are new. do you have the rings for fully level a 5*? about boldtusk, do you have another healer? (kiril for exemple) if you dont, you should focus on boldtusk

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But I can’t emphasize enough, FINISH leveling a hero befor starting another is the same color, some people level one hero a time, some one of each color in parallel (slower in short term but pays of in the long). But worst thing you can do is to jump from one unfinished hero to other.

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Cillian and boldtusk would be my priority. I find shale to be one of the worst heroes in the game.


Feed on colour one of each colour at a time until maxed. I find I get best results on levelling special doing ten feeders at a time.

As for priorities, I presume at level 24 you have some maxed 3* already. Now concentrate on 4*. They will help you maxed more than 5* at 3-70 and will help to get the mats to break the wall. For specific heroes with what you have I would max BT (BoldTusk) first. He will prove mighty useful even later with lots of 5* on your bench. I have three maxed (two LB’ed) and still use all three in wars. Plus I don’t have another red healer. He was also my tank right up to diamond.

This is a good guide for 4* hero positioning for defence.

It shows Shale’s best position as left flank (but not best hero there).


All great suggestions! Thank you!

Alt Healers: Hawkmoon +14 & Sabina 3^60. just got enough mats to ascend Sabina to 4^, but might save the orbs for Proteus, who’s in the works at 3^12. I have had Sabina in almost every difficult battle and she’s great, but I’d love to have another healer option. I also have a baby Melendor, but he’s pretty much the same (heal / dispel buffs). I’d love to have Melendor’s costume or I’d be working on him, but for Green, I just started working on Almur and also have Orla stuck at 3^60. I have Gullinbursti in the works at 2^29. I have mats to ascend him or I could give them to Mist 3^60. Then i got lucky and just pulled Passepartout on my first pull for Underwild, but he’s base right now, because I’m trying to get Boril 3^52 at least to 3^60, so I can continue working on Grimm. (I try to focus on one hero of each color, but I get bored with Boril and he hits like a … er … person who doesn’t hit hard. Plus, I only have 2 shields for blue ascending to 4^)

So, if I stick with BoldTusk, I’d still want to finish Falcon 3^23 and then I’d have to start from scratch on BoldTusk and would still have to choose between BoldTusk, Falcon, and Cillian for 4^. (I’m hoping I can finish Normal Santa’s challenge for my 4th Hidden Blade)

I’m still just now starting to overcome a few mat walls for a few 4* heroes, so you guys are probably right that I’d be better off focusing on 4* than dumping feeders and ham into hungrier 5* heroes that I’ll run into the mat wall much sooner on.

Thanks for the advice!

Gullinbursti with the overheal is a top notch healer. You won’t regret maxing him.

Grimm over Boril any day. Boril’s not well-suited to being a riposter IMHO, his defence is too high so couterattack is low. He can slow down opponent as a tank, but Grimm’s def down can be game changing. I prioritize attack over defence.

Falcon is great for green titans and stacking red teams. I don’t know much about Cillian but being slow would mean rush tournaments for me.

Cillian is a monster. I got lucky with some good pulls from the Slayers event shortly after I started. Cillian, Orla, Noril, and Maeve. Their regen and mana charge stacks quickly put them at 50% mana generation, so towards the end, they’re firing off like crazy and Cillian regens 100 HP per turn and is (mostly) undispellable. Then the bastard has a passive ability to resurrect, which has saved my butt multiple times. They don’t have to rely on healers as much. I have both Cillian and Orla at 3^60 and they are always the last ones standing in most matches. I’ve only come across Cillian one other time. It was a raid and they put him in the tank position, which surprised me. He friggin crushed my whole team and while I was busy trying to stay ahead of his regen stack, I was charging him up while all his friends were beating me senseless.

Anyway, I think you’re right about Gullinbursti. I knew as soon as I came across him in a raid that he would be a great asset. I think they nerfed him before I even pulled his card.

You’re right about Grimm. I always have a hard time against him, so I’ve got 1 or 2 more level ups with Boril before I’m ready to switch focus again.

Thanks again for the suggestions. Getting that blade will let me get Cillian to max and I’ll give him all the emblems I can, which will make it a lot easier to do these challenge events and hopefully get some more mats for my 4* team.

thanks for all the great suggestions!

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Finished Normal Mode Santa’s Challenge and got the Hidden Blade I needed to ascend Cillian to 4^ after I used him and Orla to punch Mother north right in her face, while poor Santa and Krampus watched in horror, knowing it would be their turn next.

Early doors you want to get a solid set of 3* (so you can compete in 3* tournaments and do the Rare event levels). Then you want to move up to doing your 4* and Boldtusk is a great start. Heal and high attack up is very useful.

I made the mistake of concentrating on a 5* before Boldtusk at the start and was advised to do him as a priority. I still use him every event now.

It’s easy to get swept into 5* as they are shiny and strong but until you get the mats to take to 4-80 a 4* with emblems is better that a 5* at 3-70. Also early doors food is likely something you run out of very quickly (this never goes away by the way but you feel it more when newer)

Healer 5* work out ok at 3-70 if the special is at 8 (so Pass would be okay there) but you will hit the 3* material wall frequently at the start. This is why 3* are great as they will let you get more of the things you need to to ascend the better stuff. Even now with the packed roster I have I still give love and attention to 3* heroes.