Which Red leveling?

Hi all,
I need your advices about my red heroes.

I have already Gravemaker at 4/80 and Boldtusk at 4/70.
My mats and red heroes :
5 mystic rings
12 hidden blades

Marjana 2/60
Elena 2/60
Gormek 3/60 (I already have Tiburtus and Grimm at 4/70)
Lancelot 3/60
Colen 3/60
Scarlett 3/60

How to use my mats ? Saving 8 blades in order to level up a second 5* when I ll get my 6th ring ? or use all my blades to level up three 4* ?

Thx for your help.

I would max Gormek and then Marjana

I think a lot of who you’d want to level depends on your roster, and what you need to fill.

That being said… Gormek is the best all around, and IMHO, the hidden gem in the 4*'s with his huge HP and very competitive defense and attack.

Defense team - Colen seems to be a rather solid hero to put on your defense, many use him, and as long as you don’t put him dead center, he tends to hit like a monster about mid-battle.

Offensive - Lancelot is nice with his buffs and average mana time. I do like Scarlett as well. I haven’t played with marjana and Elena, so I really can’t speak on them with any authority, but both look rather solid.

So… thats my suggestions… depending on what your looking to get for your mats.

I would go same way as NPNKY. You will need gormek on titan.

I do agree with the Gormek suggestion from several of the other posters, although having the other two parts of the ramming pulverizer trio lessens the need. Several of the 5s I don’t have so I cant speak to their utility and/or effectiveness. I do have Elena maxed, and while she has a very weak defense for a 5, her tiles hit like a freight train, and her special also strikes all for decent damage (as well as the handy riposte). I also have Lancelot maxed and I’m not real impressed with him. His mana boost is of negligible value and if you already have BT, his attack buff overwrites…he doesn’t do much damage either. I do, however, like Colen, especially when buffed by BT and especially Wu. He can do some serious damage to any raid defender. Hope this helps. Good luck!!