Which red in defense

Which defense is better? Gm is needing two axes to go to 19, zim needs 400 ham to go to 18

You must not put Zim in the right corner, she buffs the attack by 25%. GM is also a better flank than a wing.

Either Finley-GM-Kunchen-Joon-Kingston or Finley-Zim-Kunchen-Joon-Kingston.

I’d personally go for GM.


I agree with @D_DI . Zim needs to be on the left to be useful. If you have to run this color order, definitely GM because Zim is wasted too much in the corner.
Ideally, Gm is a better flank, tho.

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That’s the team which I would choose.


Tx all. This is the order in our alley…

In that case, I might try it with zimkita.
A corner grave usually isn’t a problem.
But zimkita in the corner might be ignored too long and could hurt the enemy some more, especially if Finley or Kunchen did lower the enemy defense.
But I guess you have to try both for some while and see which one works better.

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