Which Red Hero to work on next?

So, I’m almost done leveling Wilbur to 3/60 and i was wondering which red i should work on next?
Here are some screenshots for reference.

So, the teams aren’t necessarily used as teams, those are just heros I’ve been working on.
And here are the reds i have available.

I’m sorta leaning towards G. Falcon?

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can’t max Wilbur?

I’d probably do BT myself.

I do have the mats to max Wilbur, i just want to fill in my 4 roster some more before I start the long haul up to the top again.

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fair enough. I would lean BT. Falcon is good in a stack with reds. That is all I use him for.

Ok, so get more reds up before working on falcon?

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I would say yes.

Out of what you have I like Sumitomo and Scarlett with BT. Falcon can go after BT. You could use another healer as well.

I have Colen and Kelile at 60. They are alright but I don’t use them much. Wars if anything.

You don’t have a good tank. Ares needs to go first.

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I have been working on Melendor and Rigard as healers as well. I feel I’m pretty short on good hitters. Especially that’s why i was thinking Falcon. Sumitomo seems interesting. I’ve raided against him a few times, but he didn’t impress me too much.

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If your looking for a hittier I would go Scarlett. She is a bit squishy but packs a good punch.

Def get Rigard maxed he is a life saver against DOT.

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Bloodtusk of course, then Falcon and at the end start with 5 stars Zim or Ares.
But only if you have enough materials to bring them to 4/70.

you need to work on Ares. His special gives way more versatility to your team as a whole than any of the other reds besides khagan as far as center tank peices go. his heal and crit boost are life saver and couple them with color stacking and u get insane damage from attacks and tiles.

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Ill have to agree with some of those above.

  1. Wilbur
  2. BT
  3. Falcon
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thanks. I did hold onto a second Wilber, since he is an Atlantis summons only hero.

Wilbur is awesome too!

Falcon Boldtusk and Scarlett. Probably in that order.

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Ok, i guess it looks like I’m doing falcon next. I’m pretty much just throwing 3* reds at Ares until i get him to 2/60. I’m one 1 hidden blade and 2 rings away from being able to pull a 5* red all the way up or 1 blade away from bringing 2 4* red up. Though I’m gonna wait awhile before i use any unfarmables. Still trying to fill in my roster for wars.

Too late for another BT next?

No, i haven’t worked on anything yet. Why another healer though right now?

I look at him as an attack buffer that happens to heal. Very versatile hero.

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So, i decided to take Ares up to 2/60 first before i started on another 4* that was 1/1. Mainly because I have used him in every war since I’ve gotten him!

So, I got Sir Lancelot in the Avalon portal and I think he will be who I work on next. After him I’ll bring Boldtusk up to 3/60.
@ItsaDragon ever since you mentioned the attack buffer I’ve been paying more attention when I’m raiding against him and I can see the point! He’s definitely a good “support” hero. Just gives my Sabina another job.

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