Which red hero should I ascend?

I can ascend one red hero. Who should it be? Ruben, Noor, Azlar or Khagan? I already have Marjana, Tyr, Ares, G Kong and Q of Hearts max leveled for red heroes


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I insert pool for it.

  • Reuben
  • Noor
  • Azlar
  • Khagan

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And I vote for Noor, she is great at 3.70 in my red raid teams againts this minion meta Bera/Freya.


@jinbatsu thanks for doing that. I should have thought of that.


I vote for Reuben, 250% damage at fast Mana with damage reduction and distribution with allies. Better option than other and should have better synergy with your existing team

My vote goes to Khagan for Titan damage and Noor for war team depth…
Whichever hero you choose good luck

out of those Khagan or Azlar has the highest tile damage + a great costume should you get it in the future.

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I voted Khagan – highest damage output amongst options (highlighted used: farming, events, and new raid formations)

I don’t have Reuben, but IMO he is a support hero who requires some synergy to shine

I love my Noor; she also requires synergy to shine though

Azlar - also a high damage hero. Squishy, but plays second fiddle to Khagan when fitted to a similar roles

I voted none. I highly suggest keeping those rings (very very rarely dropped) until a much better hero lands on your lap, or you get some of their costumes. Work on your 4* and/or 3* red heroes in the meantime for you to enjoy more on the epic and rare facets of the game (raid tourney or monthly challenge events, etc.).


I voted for Khagan, one of the hardest hit 3 hero, albeit slow, and really useful for events. You already have some fast and average heroes, so you can start to work also with a slow one.

On the other hand, if you do pulls often, you can also wait for some better all-around heroes.

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