Which Red healer deserves the mats?

I have to decide which RED healer deserves the mats?

  • Nadezhda
  • Grazul
  • Limit Break Boldtusk

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Since I don’t have Garnet and I don’t know if I ever get one I’ve leveled a second BT

Thx guys!
As I see you have mixed feelings, puzzled as I am!

A little towards Nadezhda…
since she offers multiple usage paths & super strong, yet tricky to use and unreliable for defense

but BT is a solid hero and with LB gets the edge you want and you don’t loose the ascension mats

As for Grazul what to say… she is superfast, blocks the opponents for 2 turns, but that 15% makes her a support healer and not a main 5 star

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I had to settle for LB costumed Boldtusk since the game consequently doesn’t give me any legendary red healer.

And I have to say, while I wasn’t thrilled to do it since he feels so vanilla, I am using him successfully in my red monos and he is on par with legendary healers - sturdy, heals a lot, decent class, attack buff is good cherry on top.

If you are in doubts about the other two, you can use BT successfully

But as for the other options, both are pretty good. Nadezhda, as you say, requires some thought to be used effectively. Not a regular healer - sometimes her allies just die for her to ressurect them only after that. She pairs well with Russell in case you maxed one. Grazul, hmm, some say she’s not enough for a sole healer, but the ailment shield is good if you don’t have it.


I went with Costume Boldtusk…. I have him LB +20.
You just have to choose if you want him naked or in costume before you go into battle.
But he is tough, works really well and stacks nicely with both 4* and 5* heroes… really versatile
Whichever hero you choose good luck


Limit Break Boldtusk is not a choice, is a must :slight_smile:
I mean, by adding emblems you’ll get a very good hero, capable of keeping his ground in 5* teams and it’s much cheaper than a 5*.

I do have Grazul but never felt compelled to LB or even give her emblems.

No other good red healer in my roster, alas :frowning:


Boldtusk is a must, but so is Grazul if you don’t have other ailment blockers. I’m shocked Grazul is so low on votes. The wizard is last IMO.


You helped me realize that a Limit Broken Boldtusk is a must
as I wait for a worthy 5* red healer.

Thank you again guys!

I shared my thoughts about Grazul in the past about her and I think that she doesn’t get so much love as she must be used strategically. She isn’t a pure healer, but I was able to find a good synergy to her with my roster.

Regarding Boldtusk, I’ve always thought he’s overrated. I just use him just against green titans and whenever I go with mono in wars, but he’s on the bench the majority of time. C. Rigard is a better option than him.

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