Which red gets the rings

Here is my current red mono team I use. These are the reds I have to choose to fully max once I finish the event.

Nedezhda is the only choice here, she will add healing and dmage reduction to your team what is exactly what you are missing


That’s what I was leaning towards. Just don’t know much about red hood. Seeing if other use her

Agreed. I’d probably swap Elena out and give your team some more versatility in both healing/res and her quick charge.

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Only reason I would hate to take out Elena is the fact that netx to knight, everyone has to target knight and with the reflect, the just kill themselves

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Yeah that’s a solid strategy. But if you get to 12 red tiles, you’ve probably already got the game well in hand. Taking Elena out gives more of a turn around opportunity.

I have red hood at 3/70. After using her for a while she will pretty much never see rings. The resistance to mana cut while minions are active is good but they are too squishy to be relevant. In serious need of a buff but that will likely only come via costume.


In my honest opinion I would focus on Nedezhda.
I got Red Hood when she first came out. And you did see quite a bit of her at the time. I maxed her out and put 11 emblems on her.
But then she quickly faded really badly in the game with all the new season heroes that were launched together with event heroes and HOTM etc.
I have now taken the emblems off Red Hood and she sits patiently on the bench waiting for a very much needed buff or a super costume outfit.
Whichever hero you choose, good luck

stay away from trash reuben
red hood is not important

obvoious choice is ned because of revive ability

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