Which Red 5* to limit break?

Finally got enough aethers to limit break a 5*.

Maxed 4* / 5* :
Boldtusk +20 + costume + LB
Boldtusk + 1 + costume
Wilbur +20
Wilbur +1
Colen + costume
Scarlett + costume
Gormek +20 + costume
Guardian Falcon +20

Garnet +20
Grazul +7
Gefjon +1
Zenobia +5
Anzogh +18
Mitsuko +18
Guardian Kong +19
Black Knight +20
Queen Of Hearts +20
Emilio +20
Gravemaker +20
Elizabeth +20
Marjana +20 + costume

Ares 3/70
Gravemaker 3/70
Tyr 3/70
Yang Mai 3/70
Lady Loki 3/70

I’m kinda leaning towards Garnet as she’s my best healer alongside Ariel. C. Marjana is a must against green titans and in raids. Elizabeth is currently on my defense team. Would like to hear your opinions.

Thank you!

Marjana costume, Gravemaker or Garnet.


Off the list, I would pick between Garnet, Elizabeth, and Marj-C. But, if you have Onyx and/or Cobalt, then Garnet would be the choice, but I’d lean more towards Elizabeth if you don’t have the other ninjas

I’d be going Costume Marjana. At least I know she’ll have a place on titan/event teams for so long as well as even normal raid teams.

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Thanks for the response guys. It’s really hard to decide…

Now that is a great position to be in.
For me I would focus on: Garnet ahead of -
Elizabeth, Costume Marjana, Black Knight, Gravemaker or Mitsuko

Out of interest who do you pair with Emilio? Assuming you don’t attack rainbow

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Gravemaker. Same speed.

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