Which Red 5* to limit break?

Finally got enough aethers to limit break a 5*.

Maxed 4* / 5* :
Boldtusk +20 + costume + LB
Boldtusk + 1 + costume
Wilbur +20
Wilbur +1
Colen + costume
Scarlett + costume
Gormek +20 + costume
Guardian Falcon +20

Garnet +20
Grazul +7
Gefjon +1
Zenobia +5
Anzogh +18
Mitsuko +18
Guardian Kong +19
Black Knight +20
Queen Of Hearts +20
Emilio +20
Gravemaker +20
Elizabeth +20
Marjana +20 + costume

Ares 3/70
Gravemaker 3/70
Tyr 3/70
Yang Mai 3/70
Lady Loki 3/70

I’m kinda leaning towards Garnet as she’s my best healer alongside Ariel. C. Marjana is a must against green titans and in raids. Elizabeth is currently on my defense team. Would like to hear your opinions.

Thank you!

Marjana costume, Gravemaker or Garnet.


Off the list, I would pick between Garnet, Elizabeth, and Marj-C. But, if you have Onyx and/or Cobalt, then Garnet would be the choice, but I’d lean more towards Elizabeth if you don’t have the other ninjas

I’d be going Costume Marjana. At least I know she’ll have a place on titan/event teams for so long as well as even normal raid teams.

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Thanks for the response guys. It’s really hard to decide…

Now that is a great position to be in.
For me I would focus on: Garnet ahead of -
Elizabeth, Costume Marjana, Black Knight, Gravemaker or Mitsuko

Out of interest who do you pair with Emilio? Assuming you don’t attack rainbow

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Gravemaker. Same speed.

I want to choose Queen of Hearts in order to fatten up her card minion

I limit break 5* heroes

  1. Who I use in my defence team
  2. Who needs to be more sturdy to survive

I suspect Garnet is sturdy enough
C-Marjana - can survive titans with a few mana or healing pods
Zenobia - is a Titan specialist

I’ve LB my Elizabeth and then Octros (who has replaced my Liz in my defence team)….

I’d ask myself:

  1. Who needs to be more sturdy ? And survive a bit longer
  2. Who is going to be in my defence team

Whoever you choose, enjoy! As there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ answer


elizabrth, the scarriest hero for me

Thanks for the suggestions guys. I did Ruby and C Marjana.

Now i have aethers to limit break 3 x 5*. Which would you guys pick ?

Garnet +20
2nd Ruby (have emblems to bring her to +20)
2nd C Marjana +20
Lewana +20
Emilio +20
Elizabeth +20
Zenobia +19
Mitsuko +18
Gravemaker +20
Queen Of Hearts +20
Guardian Kong +19
Anzogh +18
Grazul +18
Gefjon +1
Black Knight
Octros +20

Garnet - Since you already have Ruby LB
BK - Because its BK
Octros - one of the best red heroes in the game