Which Red 5* (Only TC 20)?

Which Red 5* hero (only tc20) needs my team?

(Insert hero here)-Poseidon-Kunchen-Magni-Lianna

I’m open to change heroe’s order! Thanks! :slight_smile:

So… Which reds do you already have to choose from?

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I can choose the one I want but only can ascend one

Offense or defense?

I’d assume defense, so…

Strong tank, with very aggresive sniping-oriented line up behind, almost no utility or buffs. That defense is either going to wreck the enemy if they have a bad board and can’t take Kunchen down quick enough or is going to perish within few turns. Therefore, placing a slow hero is pointless, because there’s almost no circumstances when they will have an impact. And there’s only one non-slow red hero in TC20 which is Marjana. Yet one more sniper to punish bad boards, but also make it all about luck.

Honestly, I would rework this defense completely, but don’t know what you have at hand.

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Yes, for defence, i’m going quite good with this team, iknow there is a lot of snipers but that’s what i’ve maxed and is what will perform better for now

Azlar or Elena next to Kunch. If he absorbs enough of the damage, they are both pretty punishing when they fire. Azlar probably more so as cleansers are rarer than dispellers.

And if it’s on top of lunch’s defence debuff it will be game over.

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And Azlar on the left corner? What do you think?

If it is about a left wing, then I’d say Marjana.


Thanks for your reply, and what if we are talking about a flank??

As flank for a Kunchen tank either Azlar or Elena. You already have three snipers and like @JonahTheBard has already said, they can punish the opponents pretty hard with Kunchen’s def debuff active.

The choice between Azlar and Elena depends on which hero you like more or find more useful and which can get emblems. I personally think that Azlar is the better and more punishing of the two

  • because Elena’s riposte gets mostly useless when combined with Wilbur’s spirit link if you want to use her on attack teams
  • and because Azlar’s burn damage in the defense gets a 20 % or so boost. With emblems his burn reaches 90 and maybe even more damage per turn (for 6 turns and all heroes if not dispelled)

Overall I would usually advise to prioritize Marjana over the slow AoE hitters. However, you already have quite a few great snipers and, therefore, Azlar is a good choice as well.


Marjana 5* But it looks to me like Boldtusk would do you fine there.

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The issue I have with boldtusk is the emnlems… Poseidon amd Magni are fighters too so…

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