Which Red 4* next?


I have no red 5s, have Gormek and Colen maxed, and am just about to finish leveling Lancelot. I have Scarlet, Kelile, and another Lancelot sitting untouched and need to decide which to work on next. If I had Boldtusk then he would be the obvious choice, but he is the only 4 I’m still missing.

The Pokemon player in me wants to level Scarlet in the spirit of “gotta catch 'em all”, but I feel that running 2 Lancelots in the 2 and 4 positions vs green titans would be very effective. Thoughts?


2 Lancelot’s would probably be fun :).

Edit: didn’t catch that you had maxed gormek already, lol.


Running one Lancelot with Scarlett alongside him couldn’t be a bad thing against green titans either though.
I haven’t begun levelling either of them, but I’ll be flipping a coin when it comes to starting one.


Gotta catch’em all :wink:

Double Lancelot is really a good idea, but having a maxed Scarlett is better.


A -34% attack debuff on a fast mana hero with a giant attack stat is a nice thing to add to your titan team.