Which Raid Defence Team

Just looking for a change. And I can max all these heroes out and put at least 18 emblems on each.
Who would you run with on your raid defence?

Thanks in advance…
@Guvnor any help from you appreciated and you too

I’d tank Telly and flank Krampus. JF-Kramp-Telly-Clarissa-Joon

Heimdall is overall a better tank thank Telluria is now. I switched him in on my war defence and he out-and-out improved the overall performance.

I also think that Krampus could be a great flank BUT it will mean you have a fair bit of passivity to your defence, more so if Jean-Francois is in there… So for that reason I would probably leave Krampus off…

I would probably suggest using your third defence option:
Costume Magni - Jean Francois - Heimdall - Clarissa - Costume Joon


Seems logical to me, except I’d swap Magni and JF.

No particular advantage of Magni being left of JF other than possibly one slash attack, and I’d rather have the defense debuff fire earlier and maybe a couple times when there’s so little direct damage.

It’s also a little bit better color ordering against a red stack, and presumably it’d be rare that anyone would stack blue to give JF’s ice defense much use.

If your thinking was to discourage a green stack a bit, JF could move to right flank, and Clarissa could move to left wing.

On a related note, I’m curious if Magni might actually do better out of Costume, to help keep Heimdall alive, and to add a more significant sniper, so Joon doesn’t have to kill everyone himself.

Two Fighters and Heimdall are also likely to be sufficiently annoying.

So I’d probably try this first, actually:

Clarissa - Magni (no Costume) - Heimdall - JF - Costume Joon


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