Which purple should I ascend next?

Hello! I’m looking for some opinions on which purple hero I should ascend next. I have many good choices (it seems like every time I get a good hero it is purple; I can assure you I don’t have the same luck with ANY of the other colors), but only 7 tabards. I don’t buy ascension mats, so it will be quite some time before I get together 6 tabards for another ascension, so I’d like to make this one count! Here are my choices:

  • Killhare and costume
  • Rayne (2 of her)
  • Hulda
  • Lu Bu (just pulled him last night)
  • Clarissa

To give some context that might help you with your opinion, my Alliance uses blue tanks for War, and I have the following 5* and 4* purples of significance already ascended and leveled up:

  • Seshat + costume + 1 emblem (800 power)
  • Domitia + costume + 1 emblem (802 power)
  • Tiburtus + costume + 20 emblems + limit break (825 power)
  • Rigard + costume + 20 emblems + limit break (832 power)
  • Sergei + 20 emblems + limit break (829 power)
  • Onyx (798 power)
  • Zulag (778 power)
  • Malicna (788 power)

Thanks for you time and your help!

I would do Hulda, she is very strong.


I agree with @FraVit93, personally I think Hulda is the best choice.


Agree hulda second choice killhare & costume


I’d go with the popular choice and say Hulda. Second, Lu Bu. You can ignore Clarissa since she’s not really useful anymore.


In my honest opinion I would focus on Hulda first 100%.
Whichever hero you choose good luck


@Chadmo @FraVit93 @L33tVortex12596 @JGE @Photon – thanks to you all for the help!


@Chadmo @FraVit93 @L33tVortex12596 @JGE @Photon , I have an update - I just pulled Diaochan from the W3K portal (I SWEAR that I don’t have this luck with any other color). Would you still recommend leveling Hulda first? Who would be your second choice? My Alliance uses blue tanks for War (I use Krampus for the most part), but sometimes we do purple tanks. Thanks!

Mono teams need vf heroes. Clarissa stands up well for mono except vs titan.

Thats a tough choice both hulda and diochan are good. I personally just did hulda before diochan (next in line) after playing with both @3/70 for a while I feel hulda has done more for my team survival in wars but not everyone has the sameplaystyle @RandaPanduh is probably a good person to get more comparison details from.

I will still prefer Hulda over diaochan :slightly_smiling_face: created poll for you @Christian77

  • Diaochan
  • Hulda
  • Clarissa
  • Kilhare C
  • Lu Bu
  • Rayne

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Hulda gets my vote to be first in the queue
Good luck

Thank you very much for the help!

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