Which Purple Next?

As the title suggests. What purple next?

I have 12 darts and 11 Tabards.

I am leaning towards a second tiburtus, the. Hoping one of my tc20s spits out Obakan or quintus. My 28 EHT did not get me anything interesting. Going to do 20 pulls between atlantis and the next guardians quest… slim odds but you never know.

Said no one ever.

I’m kidding, but Sartana would be the pick of the bunch?

If you have 11 tabbards, maybe a second Dom would have the most utility for war.


If I wish for Sartana I will never get her. Shhhh. Lol.

I was thinking another Domitia too, since I have plenty of tabards…


Since this post - tc20 gave me Grimm. Next tc20 in 9 hours

I’d wait on a second dom if you’re going to a few pulls… with my luck I’d pull kage and G panther and dom and victor and aeron all at the same time. :roll_eyes:


Thanks. I am going to get tiburtus #2 to 3.60 and wait.

Tc20 update : azar

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Ha! Happy cake day… here’s an azar for ya. How sweet. Lmao.

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Tiburtus 2 would be my choice as well

And happy cake day! :slight_smile:

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Ha. Didn’t even know it was my cake day haha. Thanks!!!

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