Which purple next - for offence only!

I’d like to get some advice (once again)

I’ve just finished levelling up Lu Bu (and have maxed Liu Bei; Zhuge Liang on his way)

I can LB one purple (probably Lu Bu but Xnolphod is very tempting; I have nearly 1000 barbarian emblems and they will all go to Lu Bu)

I can now max another purple but can’t make up my mind (surprise surprise)…. I use Xnolphod in my war and raid defence team so I do not need a defensive hero (Hulda will also get her emblems and could potentially replace Xman but I’m very happy with Xnolphod - so far!).

I am leaning towards Bera - fast, anti-minion, and she can be a real pain when used against certain teams but I’d really appreciate some feedback as always


I will have no emblems for any of these heroes (esp struggling with ranger emblems as C-Athena, C-Seshat and C-Alasie are already in the queue)

As for fiends; I have maxed Lu Bu and I’m working on Zhuge Liang - although both ‘slow’

My maxed heroes for reference

So ??? Which one would you ?

  • Senan
  • Khepri
  • Bera
  • Kageburado
  • Dr Moreau
  • Arfanias
  • Viscaro

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And yes, Dr Moreau could have all the emblems!!!

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