Which purple gets the materials?

Just as the title asks.

Not knowing what you need, I’d go with the best of the bunch. Kage.

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Lineup is sartana, poseidon, tel, captain kertrel, ariel.

I think I’d still do Kage. His debuff before sniping is amazing.


Another vote for Kage.

Id do Kage too. Though Clarissa is a good option too, even though i consider kage being the better choice, chargin him so fast and hitting like a truck is really nice

I wish I had Kage…he is probably the winner. Clarissa is excellent in a dark stack though. That elemental link is exceptional.

Kage. That should seal the deal. Lol

In my honest opinion, just based on what you have posted I would focus first on Kageburado and then Clarissa.
Whichever hero you choose good luck

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Kage… He’s not always a perfect choice, but he does come in handy, and you’ve got Sartana for when he’s not.

Clarissa is good also.

Zulag looks useful, but can’t really comment there.

Sargasso is arguably the worst event 5* fullstop, he’s definitely out.

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Kage. UNLESS you are worried about your Teletubby tank. If you are, then Zulag.

Thanks for all your input. Appreciate it!

It’s my wife’s team and she really doesn’t have a solid tank besides tell. Maybe she can focus on justice with emblems as a tank, but for the most part, she doesn’t really have another solid tank.

But how many maxed 5* does she have?

Defence IMHO shouldn’t be anywhere near a priority until 15+ maxed 5*… Until then pick based on attacking utility and build the best defence from that.

What’s done is done, but Tel is still a very good tank - maxing a replacement is very much in the realms of diminishing returns unless that hero has utility elsewhere (something Telly doesn’t - I have around 30 maxed 5’s at this point and if I could take mats back from Telly I would certainly do it).

War defense is important but regular defense is low priority, many including myself were able to consistently open our chests in diamond even with a mix of 4* heroes.

Max Clarissa if your war tank is dark, otherwise do kage especially if he is your first dark sniper.

If you really want to emphasize defense, then recommend lvling 4* troops.

I can literally maintain diamond with non-emblemed heroes because of my troops.

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