Which purple gets tabards!

I have Kunchen, Guardian Panther, Obakan, Domitia, and another Sartana at 3/70
Already have Kageburado, Sartana, 2 Seshats, TothAmun, Capatain Sargasso, MokaArr at 4/80(yes, i know but those last 3 were my first purple 5 stars - especially regret Mokarr

I’d suggest Panther over Kunchen. Choose her and your opponents will melt like butter in the sun when you combine her with your Kage, the two Seshats and Sartana!


Kunchen is the best tank right now

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Wow, that’s quite the purple roster (both completed and waiting). I’d say Panther to boost your titan scores, though depending on your frequency of draws and how long you’ll have to wait to get another set, I think waiting to see what happens with season 3 is also reasonable.

That is, if you have ~10 Tabards I’d do Panther regardless. If you do not intend to summon at all in the near future, I’d proceed to max Panther regardless of the number of Tabards. But the more you summon and the farther you are from having another set of Tabards, the more I’d be inclined to wait.


Panther will significantly boost your purple stacks.

Kunch is a great tank… But it depends what other tanks you have.

Oh and revisit Mok Arr - boost his attack and his damage can be colossal.
It’s easy to write him off “because everyone does” but he’s far better than most players think - especially with a little thought for team building.

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Panther makes everyone better. Kunch is great, but Panther will take you to another level on damage

Another +1 for Panther, no.1 highest attack stat of purple, very good for titan (elemental def down) and also map/raid offense.

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I’d say panther 100%. As others have said, she drastically improves all other purples on your team, and she’s amazing against guin.

Someone (including me) should have said this by now, but Panther is also an ideal partner for Thoth-Amun - same mana speed, hit the same three targets. She’s a force multiplier for purple tiles and purple specials in general, but gives an especially significant boost to Thoth’s value.

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And of course Mok too… Boost his already high damage, immune to his self-harm, same average mana.

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If you are comfortable with your amount of healers, I’d pull the trigger on Panther

Defense is only used when you get raided and in wars, you use your offense 100% of the time when you play this game. With that in mind Panther is your best bet!

Depends if you focus on defense or attack. Kunchen is deliciously hard to kill. I mistakenly left him in on a Bloody Battle tournament once and thought “wasted slot”, but even without healing, his defense down more than pulled his weight. But if you want to focus on attacking in raids and war, Panther.

OR, this will be a minority opinion, but if you happen to have a ton of Rogue emblems collecting dust, the lovely undervalued Domitia will be downright deadly. :dagger:


Panther. Nice collection you have.

Unless you need a tank, Panther. Nothing else comes close.

With that list, you should be at the level you need her maxed.

Would it be advisable to see what Season 3 has in store before proceeding since it’s right around the corner?


Another vote for Panther. I just drew her myself in the Teltoc back in January. She is gonna be a beast in my dark stack for holy titans.

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Maybe… But with a deep roster already, there’d have to be something pretty special to get priority over Panther - and that’s assuming you’re lucky enough to pull it.

I’d be very surprised if maxing Panther resulted in any regrets.

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Been using Panther at 3/70 in 10 star yellow titan hits - she is awesome!


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