Which purple 5* to max next

Hiya, just wondering if I could get some input from some other players on who to max next.

Current thoughts, a 3rd sartana would be nice for war and that’s it, same with seccond kouchen and idk how good Thoth is.

Bellow are screen shots of full roster, and ascension materials, all input is appreciated.

Sorry about the order of the photos. I uploaded them correctly but they changed order

Hold onto your tabards and wait for July.

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That’s the vampire looking lady right?

Yes, she looks pretty good at this point.

Could I get close to 12 tabbards by July? I will get 1 from morlovia and then I just need to get 2 before july

It’s possible, looks like your drops favor dark heroes, but never can tell. I’m on a Tabard dry spell and I thought tabards were my favorable drop. I’m hoping to get my final two before July. Forecast, cloudy with a chance of sorrow.

July will be here before we know it

I hope so, my b-day is in July!!!

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Waiting for coming HoTM max another Proteus, they are awesome


yup, 2nd Proteus and then hope for the upcoming HOTM!

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