Which purple 4* to focus on?

Hi everyone.
My main team at present is;
Li Xiu

Which purple 4* hero would go best with this team? At present I have Rigard Sabina Tibs Cyprian Amoenna. Rigard is 3/60, others are 1/1.
Long term I will level my Lianna Natalya Magni, and think Sabina would be best with them because her dispel could be more useful than Rigard’s cleanse. This is the reason for my question; I might not want to level Sab AND Rig.

(I have Kiril and Gormek in main team but they are only around 2/30 so I will replace with BT and Grimm. Won’t take long to get them higher that Kiril and Gormek.)

Tib , ramming pulveriser is very handy. You have Boltusk as a healer already, I think Tibs then Sabina, your attacking option would be better.

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Rigard. The only cleanse at 4*.

Ameonna is interesting.

Cyprian if you can’t get past certain events.

You don’t need Tibertus yet since you are already using Grimm.

Don’t need Sabina since you already have Caedmon.


Thanks for the reply.
At some point I will use Lianna instead of Caedmon, thus losing Caed’s dispel. Did you read my question?

Thanks for the reply. I have Grimm already. Don’t really want two rams, it’s sub optimal.

Keep upping Kiril with Grimm. Don’t stop. To be honest I value Kiril more than BT but both can be utilized. Kiril+Grimm or BT+Gormek for the buff and debuff combo. Make sure to have at least one of the pair maxed. Don’t mix the colors yet.

My first green 4* was Caedmon and best to have him maxed first. He has better utility for starters. Lianna can be a long term project. Yes I replaced Caedmon with Lianna after some months.

If you just start with Lianna, you will be extremely slow in your progress with a subpar Lianna.

Please do not forget if you have the mats to max Lianna. You can be stuck with her at 2/60 or 3/70 for a long time.

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I agree, Lianna is staying on the bench for now.
I’m just thinking long term it might not be fun to level both Rig and Sab.

I want a rainbow team until I understand the game better, so not to BT plus Gorm, and to Kiril plus Grimm.

Also please - can you answer my actual question about the merit of dispel vs cleanse. Please?

Well dispelled is good against good buffer teams and reflect damage buffers cleanse on the other hand is great against debuffers or dot a lot of reds have dot and ramers all lower defense so it’s a matter of which is givening you the most trouble as to which type you need. I hope this answer what you are looking for


I always think you need ramming pulverisers for events, Gormek, Grimm, Tibs, you can’t take Grimm with you when you are facing Green boss for events, hence the attacking option. It will take along time to get your 5* max, rainbow of attacker and healer for 4*, once you get TC 19, it will be easier to get those 5* max.

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As Drob said, if you get a bad debuff/fire/poison you need a good cleanse and so far Rigard is the only 4* that can do it. On the hand, you have a few dispel 4* heroes around that you can use (Caedmon/Melendor/Sabina/Sonya).

You can use both Rigard and Caedmon at the same time to both cleanse and dispel in your team.

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Somewhere I missed where you actually are in the game. You seem to have spent alot of time searching this forum from some opinions I have seen.

Players often give advice based more on where they are and that often has to do with what they had, but often it is just anecdotal and misinforms as much as ot informs those needing advice.

Rant over.

What are you doing in the game: farming for resources and progressing up the map or chasing titans and event bosses?

If you are after resources. BT is better than either of your purple healers. It takes awhile before you run up against a province that, as far as I can recall, needs you to debuff or cleanse. The attack buff helps more.

I would have said Kiril before BY, but you seem to want a rainbow team which means Grimm is in with Kiril benched.

If you have to have on of the purple healers, go with Rigard. If you meet up with an ever so lightly leveled Colen, you will be glad. Buffs and debuffs can be reversed by you own heroes throwing buffs and debuffs second.


Another healer for AW is always helpful, so sabina or rigard. I would do Sabina first as her special is more beneficial at mid tier raiding (centers tend to be buffers like BT, boril, cyp, etc), then rigard, who is more beneficial at higher level raiding. But ultimately you want to ascend both, plus tibs.


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