Which path

I have magni at 4.80 with 20 talents and also tyr at 4.80 no talents and Thor 4.80 19 talents . Also I have second Thor and neith at 3.70. Also maxed master lepus (10 talents)

  1. Should I remove talents from magni and Max tyr?
  2. Should I fully ascend neith or a second Thor?
  3. Should I remove Tellurias talents and Max heim( currently at 7 talents) . I have frigg and costume Kadilen fully maxed and talented.
    Thanx in advance

You have a lot of good options! It begs a lot of questions however.

Magni is good for defense and 20 emblems make him tough. Do you have a strong red in your defense? Tyr is a better hero IMO, especially for raiding with. Will you suffer from maxing Tyr and switch to Lepus in your defense?

Second, telluria is a good tank but Frigg and CKad are MUCH better in your defense. I’d strip Telly for sure and give those to Heim…he’s a stronger hero to use.

Ignore a second Thor, give those to Neith only if you have plenty of ascention items stocked up. If you only have 6 darts, I’d wait.

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In red I have gm, c-azlar, Khagan, Reuben and Mariana. My def team now is clarissa-frigg-gm-ckad-Thor and it is going pretty well.

In blue is have also fully maxed Ariel, Thorn, frida, Glenda.
So what is the best option for def team and for talents mostly .

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