Which path on the grid is best for Gill-Ra?

Which path is better Gill-Ra on the talent grid? All attack or all defense? I know node 19 is automatically going towards that mana speed increase so that is already spoken for. If I pull a duplicate I am gonna be going the opposite of what I have now for her. Which is a full defense grid. I just would like to know what a majority of players have gone with on her grid. Thanks in advance. :grin:

For me I took Gill-Ra through defence (shield) first


I need her to stay alive. Defense & Health path 100%


Here’s what she looks like with 16 nodes, taking the defensive path. When the choice was between HP and Defense, I chose defense

Fairly bulky for 3* events, she’s my tank when yellow or blue aren’t allowed for the raid tournaments (otherwise it’s Gunnar). She’s also a good hero for Teltoc, since she’s purple and reduces enemy defense (like Ulmer for mono blue, but with 4 turns instead of 6)


Here’s mine, I went for attack and defense:


@SirGorash Thank you for the info for a full attack grid. I am gonna continue down defense for this one and should I pull a duplicate from an Atlantis Summon I will put that one on the attack path. :grin:


I think I’ll go for Life on the defense x Life cross (10 do 11) and ended up with 913 (life) 543 (defense) and 466 (attack) instead of the normal defense path.

Normal defense path (after 16 choose right attack) ended up with 877 561 and 495 (life, defense and attack)
Normal attack path (after 16 left life) ended up with 841 560 and 511 (life, defense and attack)

Defense path (after 16 choose life) ended up with 466 597 877
Attack path (after 16 choose attack) ended up with 545 525 841

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