Which Paladin, Can't Decide

I have read countless threads about those two, but I just can’t decide which one to class up. I can choose between these two teams for my raid defense. Both seem solid to me that’s why I am asking for help:

Alby / GM / Richard / Hel / Joon
Alby / Alasie / Ares / Hel / Joon

As far as other classes go, I have made up my mind.
Other classes if Richard: Ariel / Delilah / Thoth / Jackal / Lianna
Other classes if Ares: Ariel / Delilah / Thoth / Jackal / GM

Need strong advice from you guys. Thanks.

I would go with the first one personally. Richard can take a lot of damage, which encourages the attacker to stack green to take him out quickly, but GM on flank makes that very risky. In addition, I have tried both Ares+4 and Richard+4 in the tank slot for my own defense team, and Richard seems to work better.

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