Which order?


I recently leveled up Triton to use on my team against red titans. He joins Joon, Wu Kong, Kiril and Grimm.

I’m trying to figure out what the best order is to fire the three blues’ specials when they’re all charged at the same time.

Kiril buffs attack and defense; Grimm lowers enemy defense; Triton raises the healing done the next few turns.

If Grimm goes first, I lose Kirils attack buff for his hit. If Triton goes first, I lose both Grimms defense down and Kirils attack up. If Kiril goes first, I lose Tritons heal boost for that turn.

I’m thinking Kiril, Grimm then Triton and missing the extra healing, but I would appreciate the input from another perspective. For those of you unfamiliar with Triton:


I guess it depend if you want to deal more damage or if you need to heal so badly.
If you already have the healing bonus up then just go with damage.


  1. Kiril
  2. Grimm
  3. Wu Kong
  4. Joon & Triton


  1. Triton
  2. Kiril
  3. Grimm
  4. Wu Kong
  5. Joon


I would have to say I would rather have Joon blind and triton damage land first because Wu kong can make him miss.

For the original question, Triton would usually charge first anyways since he’s fast mana vs kiril/grimm at average mana so I would probably just shoot him first anyways and maybe by the time grimm and kiril charges the healing buff will still be there and you can go with the damage rotation and he might get charged a second time while the kiril buff and grimm debuff are still active.


While Joon’s blind could be useful I see really 0 reasons to fire triton before Wu Kong.


Wu Kong is always last because he can make other hero’s attacks miss.


If the attack would lose his effect by missing (es. -DEF or blind) I would agree but firing Triton before Gambler’s Stance activation is the same as not activing it before sending tiles to deal damage. Even tiles could miss but this doesn’t prevent anyone to bring Wu Kong to most of the battles.