Which ones you paid for or not? 🤔

Coming from pull odds discussion I was thinking what I paid for or not. Here’s what I got together. Started sept. 18. before paying a dime I had red hood, Guinevere and proteus (extremely lucky!), didn’t pay for Hansel, Frida, gadeirus. Paid around 500 bucks till now, got zimkitha, kage, inari, Queen, Frida2, musashi, Santa, aegir x3 (2 feed the old days) and many event 4stars for money. Ah, my first was Obakan. Someone remembers, is that an interesting topic? And wouldn’t the none paid fors beat the mercaneries? :slightly_smiling_face:

That makes sense to me, after about 3 months of putting down ~$160 you got 10 unique Legendary heroes. According to How much should I spend?- HotM cost, and odds, analysis, you’re a bit above average with luck but in the same range of the median.

I’m a cheap player, I get money from Google Rewards. That’s usually what I save up myself, covering the difference myself (usually ends up being about $1 - $3). So far I’ve got Khiona, Red Hood, and Mitsuko in that order, below average of the median of 6, but around that ballpark too.

The vast majority of my 5 stars came from being a free to play for 16 months. Since I’ve been doing 10x pulls as a cheap to play, I’ve got a lot of nice 4 stars that I’m happy with, Wilbur, Proteus and lucky enough to get a couple of HOTM.

I’m still a firm believer that you can play and enjoy this game as a free to play player if you are patient and realistic in your expectations.

I only started spending a few dollars once I was fully committed to the game and just wanted to enhance the experience. For me (and I’m only speaking for myself), if I’d been spending right from the start I’m not sure if I’d still be playing.

It would have changed so many dynamics of the game for me. As it stands, all those months of being a free to play player taught me the patience required for this game.