Which one would you level?

I have max out Sartana! Ascension items for two 5* purple and I hope I get Panther. But there still one hero, which I can ascend. I have good defence team already, so which one would it be.

  • Obakan
  • Bosswolf
  • Mok-Arr

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Whoops… Accidentally voted while scrolling through. I clicked Obakan. It would be helpful to hear more about your roster, but if ‘a good defence team’ also means you have a decent tank then I’d go for Obakan for his fast mana and extra riposte.

I’m not really convinced of mokk-arr yet - I think he might be very nice for players with a large purple roster, but that would be a possibility in a later stage probably.

I would honestly pass on them all. Keep the tabbards.

I only have Obakhan and got him months ago. He has never passed 60. Since the Khiona and now Victor has passed him up.


I have Gravemaker as tank. Other heroes which I have maxed are Vivica, Joon, Sartana, Magni, Azlar, Gregorion. Purple 4* Tiburtus, Merlin, Sabina and Rigard. So I don’t know, if need anyone desperately, expect Panther! :wink:

That’s a good option as well… Might keep the mats to see if one is lucky to draw g panther or another nice purple hero in the future. Or a second sartana even.

But, out of these three, I’d go with Obakan.


If only this choices i vote too for Obakan.

But it seems to me you are a spender, and Atlantis portal may give us soon a really good purple hero and some nice past purple HotM, both of them better that what i see here.


Keep the tabbards. Keep in mind more heros will be released from season 2 and you dont know who they are or if they will be substantial difference makers in your roster. I wouldnt max any of those 3 personally. For me, if it’s not a no brainer of who i should max then the best option is usually to wait. It’s one thing to make a choice out of 3 good heros, but making a choice between 3 bad ones is a choice better left unmade

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Yeah, I’m spender, but not big spender. I usually save gems so that I can pull, that 10x one time. :wink: And lot of legendary trainings. :grinning: So I’m not sure will I get those heroes, since I’m not going to put hundrads dollars in month in this game. :blush:
But I can wait or go with Obakan he would probably increase titan score. I still would have one set of ascension items to next purple hero.

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Boss wolf in my opinion. At least he is tough as a tank. :blush:

That is good advice, but you know when you have 12 tabards. It’s annoying to wait! I have waited long time already! :rofl:

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I just got my 6th for khiona not to long ago.

Now I need another 5 for Victor. Figure 6-8 months if it took me that long to get my first 6.

Squattin on 12 rings 6 scopes 6 tabbards and 6 tonics lol i know what you mean. I’m still waiting for the right heros though. I had leonidas on my bench and 6 darts for over 6 months, didnt max him, pulled joon and drake then by that time i had enough darts to max both. No guarantee that waiting will pay off, but when it does, it’s an awesome feeling


Yep, I have played this game 1 year and 4 months. So I have managed to get that 18 tabards in that.(one set went to Sartana) We arefighting 10* so I get those more often than before.


I am just short of a year.

My alliance is fighting 6* and 7*. It is a fun alliance so not to worried about that.

My stuff will come. I get lucky sometimes.

My 6th for Khiona came from a raid chest.

I’d hold tbh… If you can’t wait till Atlantis, wait till Guardians and see if you can get lucky with pulling Panther. Who knows, you might get 2…

An advice: you are not obliged to ascend heroes with 1y worth of ascension materials if the heroes would not have a meaning in your teams.


That would be one extremely lucky pull! :wink:I haven’t managed to get any good 5* hero from events. Only Bosswolf and Guardian Owl. Only purple hero, which I want from Atlantis is Hel, if there arent new purple one coming. And for Hel, I have to wait long long time, since she was already there.

Always a first time…:smile:

As @FraVit93 said, why ascend a hero you won’t be using often or need. Doesn’t cost anything to have them in your inventory as long as you have a couple of good teams to play with, and from what you’ve posted, your teams are pretty solid.

There’ll hopefully be new or recycled dark heroes coming out in Atlantis so hold on till the whole of Season 2 is finished.

Good luck & Have fun!

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12 tabbard… :astonished::astonished::astonished::astonished::astonished::astonished::astonished: i playing 5 month only get 3 :sob::sob::sob:

Those are much easier to get, when your team is tougher and titans too. :wink: I didn’t have many of those after 5 months, didn’t even know where to use those! :rofl::joy::rofl::joy:

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