Which one would you level first?

I have Athena , King Arthur and Aegir has five star blue heroes and have mats to ascend one…which one should I work for??

I would have to say its a toss up between Arthur and Athena but … there are only 5 heroes that has a defense down stack to color on the normal defense down and both of them have those specials.

So what is more important to you? Having a hero that influences all your game play more than the other? Then I would go Athena unless you are happy to use a grimm, Tiburtus, Gormek and Isarnia for a little while longer, then go with Arthur.

If I had that option I would go with Arthur as I have those other Heroes all leveled.

Arthur as mentioned is only 1 of 5 that exist (he does defence down on blue), the others are Panther, Falcon, Jackal and next months hero of the month Evelyn.


I have grimm in the first team along with Ares , Hel , Leonidas and lianne…have gormek also in 2nd team…working on Joon and one of these blues to replace Grimm…you say Arthur or Athena then??

Athena, no contest.


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Athena…shouldn’t even be a thought. She’s the best blue.

Athena is awesome in titans and also in raids. Same goes with King Arthur, he is very good agaist red titans, if you are using like four blues(Grimm and Kiril) and then Wu Kong. You can do massive damage. But still I probably would ascend Athena(helps with other colors as well) and King Arthur to lvl 70/3. Aegir is nothing, when you compare him to those two heroes.

Athena does not have a dot, nor mana reduction.

I choose Athena… :angel::angel::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Yup you are correct. I was typing Athena but for some reason thinking Natalia :man_facepalming: been playing a bit too much lol. Thank you for the correction.

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