Which one to max first : Wu Kong or Buddy?

I have a few 4* heroes at 3-60, and recently got 4 compasses to max some of them out. I first chose Wilbur, who is my main tank and a pain in the a*$ both in attack and defense, then Rigard as he is my main healer, and Grimm as a strong all around damage dealer.

The question now is : on which hero should i spend my last compass (waiting for others in the futur, of course…) ? I mostly hesitate between Buddy and Wu Kong : Buddy in a good all around character, very useful in defense and very versatile, but Wu Kong can totally be gamebreaker as long as you think about offense or titans… Caedmon could also be a good choice, even if i think he’s a little less powerful than the 2 others… Which one would you pick ?

Wu Kong wins hands down.

Everyone should have a Wu Kong in their roster!! :laughing:

Put Wilbur and Wu Kong againsta a titan, and see your score doubling!


Wu. I love Buddy but Wu will improve you’re game play more.

wukong. definitively. gamechanger and versatile

buddy is a really good 4*. and good on blue titans, war and raids.

but Wu…is Wu !!! hail to the king monkey !

…and we’ve got a winner ! Thanks a lot, everyone :slight_smile:

I gotta vote Wu…

If you don’t have Tarlak, you have to level Wu.
Without Wu, you won’t do any high damage on titans. His usage is really only Titans, but he is a Game changer on titans and you can’t not level him.

Personally I use Wu only on Titans, you just can’t count on him :100: % of the time. When he hits, it’s good, very good. On the other hand is Buddy, 100% reliable and he hits real hard, each and every time…he’s more well rounded. You can take him anywhere and he performs…For me, there’s no question who to ascend first…Now having said that, I had Wu long before I got Buddy.

That’s a good point. The fact is I use Wu Kong AND Buddy in most of my offensive setups, as I don’t have many better yellow choices. And Buddy is in my defense team, while Wu Kong is of course not. There is no doubt that I intend to max out both Wu and Buddy as soon as i’ll have enough compasses to do it, but the more versatile role of Buddy probably makes him a better choice to max him first

Indeed, my title was not correctly written (i’ll change it) : the question is not which one i should max out between Buddy and Wu, but which one i should max out FIRST…

If your focus is alliance war: Buddy. I’ve been tanking with him for a while, and he’s very solid even in upper Platinum.

If your focus is titans: Wu. There’s really no competition.

But I use and enjoy both, so good call on maxing both.

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I hate Wu Kong. We aren’t on speaking terms. Haven’t finalized the divorce yet, though.
If you are at the point of decision, Wu Kong.

However, Buddy is awesome and I use him on 10-11* titans so I am giving him my emblems.

I do not give Wu my emblems. Wilbur gets those.

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Slightly off topic, but is the main issue that those misses on the 10*/11* weak spot just crank up the damage too much?

Wukong makes ur 4* hits like 5*. The drawback of misses hits can be compensate by strong damages once the tiles hit the enemies

I have seen NO discernable dropoff when I have gone full mono on green 10/11* titans with my red team.

Boldtusk, Grave, Wilbur, Falcon, Natalya.

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Just for completeness. I do have Tarlak maxed but I still get higher scores using WuKong!

I guess it’s because I’m fighting lower tier titans (7* or 8*). Most probably above that level Wu Kong squishyness will make him not survive long enough to be effective

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