Which one to ascend? Purple red or yellow?

What you think which one to ascend? Can only one time yellow, red or purple

I would go with Clarissa.

Edit: Grazul was hiding in that roster, she’s a strong contender also

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Guardian Kong or Grazul.

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Ascended grazul good against millions of tell

You can’t go wrong with either Joon or Grazul but going by the current meta where Telluria tank was all over, Grazul seem the best bet.
And I was surprised your Seshat is not growing up yet. She is a much better defence material compared to Clarissa.

If you look at the bottom, already have 1x Seshat maxxed +14.

I would go… Purple: Clarissa, Red: Grazul, Yellow: 2nd Joon-C or wait.

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Yellow i thought also joon or neith

You think really Clarissa? I am not that convinced from her.

Why? she is vey fast sturdy hit-3, I would do 2nd Seshat, but variety Clarissa is not that bad i think, IMHO.