Which one to ascend? B/Y/G

Hi, I am not a new player but I am a little relucant to give materials to some 5* heroes. I would like your help.

Would you:

  • max Raffaele or Alexandrine? (I have Jott) I think Raf is a consistent healer and a life saver but Alex is very popular so I couldn’t decide. (I am close to Rafa)

  • max Rana, Neith or Leo(no costume)? Or go with another 4*(Mist, Anastasia, D’Andre)? I know I can do both 4 and 5 but which one first and is it worth for 5*s?

  • max Margaret, Kadilen (no costume) or go with 4*(Tettukh, Anton)? Same with yellow. (I am close to Tettukh)

  • I have malicna 3-70. Would you max her after the nerf or wait for some reviews?

Thanks in advance.

Blue: If you have Jott, I see less of a reason for Alex so good with Raf.
Holy: I’d pass on Leo for either Rana or Neith. But if you don’t have Mist, I’d level her up. Might also go for the other fours without more info here.
Green: not Kadilen. Margaret can be okay for high tile damage and quick special, but I could also get behind the fours here.
Malicna: without hearing an alternative, why not?

In my honest opinion, and at face value - Raffaele, Rana, Margaret (though you might kick yourself if you get the costume for Kadilen). And it’s a yes to Malicna (why not - I did) it’s a bit of a gamble but she is fun to use.
Whichever heroes you choose, good luck

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Raffaele for me too. He is slow, but other than this is one of the best healers in the game.

If you don’t have Mist or D’Andre already, I would definitely max them first. Afterwards, I’d go with Nieth her mana cut and Blind can **** up the entire match for you.

I would go with Tettukh, his silence his golden :smiley:

Depends why you do it and what other 5* Dark heroes you have. If you want a good three hitter and you don’t have alternatives, then it’s ok. The second part of her special, it’s a roulette where you have 33% chances for the good special. The direct mana add will give you 1,2 tiles for 4 turns. Unless you have at least level 23 mana troops, I doubt this will help you a lot.

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