Which one to ascend and Why Thanks!

Which one should get the scope ?:thinking:

I have

Cobalt +20
Krampus +20
Frida +20
Magni +7

Glenda would work nice in that attack team if positioned correctly.
Cleanse ailments, nice hit, + attack on specials, and gives minions to all ice heroes.

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I have all 3 maxed. I use Glenda the least. M. Lepus is always on my mono blue team. How are your emblems? M. Lepus will probably need emblems. He’s an older hero


As you already own big hitters (Magni and Cobalt) I would go with Crystalis. With Krampus attack buff and Frida elemental defense down, she can make good damages to all + her DOT. And she is new, so her stats are nice. Lepus, in another hand, is old and will need a lot of emblems to get sturdier.


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