Which one should I max next?

I was wondering what blue to max next. I have Athena maxed currently.
Have Magni, Alice, Arthur and Isarnia as options… what are your thoughts?

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Thats a very envious position to be in! I think it’s a coin toss between Arthur and Alice with magni a very close 3rd and insarnia 4th but honorable mention

I would go with Magni or Alice.
Having Athena debuffer you would need a sniper to pair with her.

Arthur on the other hand is a utility hero - his color specific debuff works the same at 3.70 so I would just leave him there until you get more mats.

Overall I think I would go with Alice, as her non dispellable debuff can be very useful IMO.

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Agree with the above. High defense, high damage, plus a non dispellable -44% attack gives her an edge over Magni. However, Alice is more attack oriented so if you’re looking at a more offensive strategy, work on her to partner Athena.

If you’re planning on playing more defensively as well as focus on red titans, then Arthur is your hero. But as mentioned above, he works well at 3/70 8/8.

They’re all great heroes, and some of the best within their classes. Gratz :+1::grin:

Different heroes are good for different things - it depends what aspects of the game are important to you and what your needs are. Fun as Alice seems, for example, she is certainly primarily a hero for raid and war attack teams. I can’t imagine that she would ever cause any bother as a defender, so if you’re looking to bolster your raid or war defence then I’d keep her on the shelf.

(It bears noting that Isarnia is good at everything and great at some things, so the easy answer would be to say you should ascend her. But maybe you need a fast charge sniper or urgently want a blue tank, in which case there are better choices.)

I forgot and probably should add that Arthur is already at 3/70 and that I would probably use fast hero so the question boils down to whether to max Magni or Alice.

Magni is a better defender and can be used as a tank, in a pinch. Alice looks like she is probably a better attacker. They’ll probably be about equally good for farming. I think Alice will be better for events, but I guess that depends on the specifics. You’d use them both on AW attack, though Alice would probably be better. You might find a place for Magni on AW defence, and you probably wouldn’t find a place for Alice. I think they’re about even when it comes to Titans - maybe Alice has an edge.

So what’s important to you?

Have maxed Ares and Guin for tanking so really don’t need him to tank…I would probably go for Alice…

Fair enough. Alice won’t add much to any defence, so this suggests that attacking (and events, quests and the like) is more important to you than defending.

With my current setup I am at 2500-2600 cups constantly. And my war defense can fend off a few charges, so yeah.

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I also would choose between Magni and Alice as the number one choice.

even thought bot have an 420% single target hit. I actually think magni is better in most cases, because his attack is almost 800 while Alica has 740. Mangi has an insane armor buff for him and his allies (which ofc also removes armor debuffs).

I know 44% attack debuff is cool, but if you have to snipe the tank first (in most cases) this is worth less than the armor buff.

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