Which one of these is the best defense for diamond level?

I have spent all the money I am going to on this game, so, I don’t expect any more good heroes coming my way. Out of the ones I have, these are the possible defenses I can put up. Please help me choose which one is the best?

Alberich, QoH, Ariel, Drake, Seshat
The problem here is Ariel is too weak for a tank, good if she goes off, if not, the match is lost.

Alberich, Ariel, QoH, Drake, Seshat
The problem here is QoH minion is easiest to kill off if she is in the tank.

Alberich, QoH, Drake, Ariel, Seshat
How do you feel about Drake as tank? Is he sustainable?

Alberich, QoH, Magni, Drake, Seshat
Again, Magni is weak, but at least he is fast. If he goes off, he gives QoH more defense, making her minion stronger.

Alberich, QoH, Richard, Drake, Seshat
All good defense heroes, but no synergy like with Ariel-Alberich or Magni-QoH.

Other possible good heroes that I see often for defense that I have are Ursena, Poseidon, Kageburado, Panther, Grazul, Morgan Le Fey, Ranvir.

Please advice. Should I choose any of the above defenses or a new combination with the other heroes I have?

Alby Poseidon Ursl Drake Ariel

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Isn’t Ariel wasted in the wing? She needs to fire fast, should be ideally in flank. Isn’t it?

It is. You have such a roster that makes me feel so little. Envious too. I would choose for AW: Alby, Ariel, Ursena, Drake, Seshat. For raid defense: Kage, Drake, Ursena, Poseidon, Seshat. For the raiders, the combination of yellow and purple heroes in defense is such a pin in the ■■■ :grinning:


Thanks so much for your help! This lineup is something I can get ready in a few weeks, definitely within the month. I was gonna give tabbards to panther for titans, but this was the right choice. I gave them to Ursena. So, now Ursena is at 4-2, Ariel is at 2-33, and drake is at 4-55, Seshat and alby maxed.

Now, I have mats to take Poseidon from 1-1 to 4-80, just not kage yet. So kage will be at 1-1 for a while. Anyway, I might give next tabbards to Panther before kage though - for titans. I can still try out with panther in that corner once she and Poseidon are ready.

Your post has been of a great help. I was racking my brain to find a good combo. Couldn’t think of this one!

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