Which one of these 5*?

Isarnia, Domitia, Horghall, Kadilen, Justice, Leonidas, Khagan, Natalya.

These are my 5* heroes so far. Who is your favorite out of these? Who would you ascend first?

Depends on your other heros, but out of that list, I’d say Isarnia is the most usefull overall.

Good on titans, good on events, good on raid/AW def and pretty good on raid/AW offence.

My other heroes are decent 4* but I’m just wondering if I should bother with more summons and investing my resources into tc20 in hopes of getting even better 5* or focus on ascending any of these first.

Justice is a great tank and isarnia can be great in raids. Leonidas got a buff recently. If not one of these then I’d just wait for better 5* to use items on past 70.

Can you ascend any of the 5* to max level?

If not, I’d focus on getting your 4* hero stable up and running. Like WuKong, Grimm, Boldtusk, Caedmon, Kiril, Sabina etc. A fully ascended 4* beats a semi-ascended 5* most of the times.


Which 5* heroes should I upgrade and is wu kong worth upgrading before leonidas?

Upgrade WuKong. Let Leonidas wait.

Upgrade Grimm. Let Alasie wait.

Upgrade Lianna.

Upgrade Domitia. Let Sargasso wait.

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Why grimm when Sonia has a higher special attack Score?

Grimm has a defense debuff which is really nice.

Grimm has 2 important qualities.
1: Armor debuff
2: High attack value

These two make him great in virtually all aspects of the game.

One of the best and most usefull 4* in the game.

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