Which one of my 4* Green should I ascend?

Hello everyone!

I am looking for my next ascension project. I have the following heroes on their last ascension level.

Purple: Cyprian 4.70, Rigard 4.70+7
Yellow: Li Xiu 4.70
Blue: Triton 4.70+6
Red: BT 4.70+9, Gormek 4.62
Green: Kashhrek 4.70+6

Defense Team: BT - Triton - Kash - Cyprian - Li.

The rest of my heroes are:
Purple: Proteus 2.1, Rigard 1.1
Yellow: Danzaburo 3.60, Hu Tao 3.60, Danzaburo 1.1
Blue: Triton 3.29, Agwe 3.1
Red: Colen 3.60, Kelile 3.1, Kelile 1.1, Colen 1.1, Scarlett 1.1
Green: Little John 3.60, Melendor 3.60, Gadeirus 3.48, Gobbler 1.1, Skittleskull 1.1, Margaret 1.1.

As you can see, I have an overpopulation of reds and greens. My reds are good enough for raids and titans, but my greens don’t make a dent on blue titans or blue tanks. I am planning to take Proteus all the way and I still have enough mats to level one blue (I’ll probably save my mats because Agwe doesn’t seem like a good hero) and 2 greens.

So, what do you recommend for my next green ascension? Also, recommendations on a better defensive raid team are welcome.


Proto Mele LJ Kellie Danza


Melendor if you’re in need of healers (though Gadeirus is pretty decent too if you don’t need a full team heal). Otherwise I’d go with LJ for damage.

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Melendor. You can always use more healers/dispellers for war, and if you are having trouble with your green stack’s damage, he also has impressive tile damage.


Thanks everyone. Melendor will be ascended. He’ll be definitely useful for wars and his tile damage is good.
I remember being excited when I got Mel from TC13, but I guess I became doubtful afterwards.

Proteus is a priority for sure. I’ll level Melendor first and LJ afterwards, unless I get Caedmon from TC20. I like Danzaburo and he’ll get orbs (got 2), unless Wu Kong shows up.

Would you recommend Kelile over Scarlett? I haven’t thought about reds since I don’t have the mats…

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For green I would level Melendor and Gaderius. Mel was my first 4 and he is now max with 16 emblems. Along with a L9 mana troop he actually hits harder than my 5*s with L9 crit troops. He has a 900 attack stat for tile damage and his healing and debuff is great. Gaderius works great with Triton and Proteus as you get 10% defense boost from the family link and Triton and Gaderius boost each others specials. I recently got Proteus and moved him to the front of the line. He works great in a rainbow of BT-Proteus-Gaderius-Triton-Wu. They get boosted on Attack from BT, Gad and Wu then healing is boosted by Triton from BT and Gad. Its a great combo for a 4* rainbow squad.

As for Kelile vs. Scarlett, I have both max and while scarlett does more tile damage, Kelile does more Skill damage. I know Scarlett gets much love in the forums but if I had to take only 1 I think I would take Kelile. Both are fast and with the small difference in tile damage, Kelile really shines with the skill damage plus the extra damage from the DoT.

Danza is ok if you don’t have anyone else but the chance of him locking up makes him special. Wu is definetly better if you get him. I remember when I got him, I actually spun the heros until he was in front then I summoned and sure enough he came out. I was shocked. Unfortunately that is the only time that ever happened…LOL. I wish you could just spin to the hero and get that one.


Only cause Kellie is already tier 3.
Otherwise Scarylet over Kellie.


As most here said (and seems you already decided anyway) I’d go with Mel for greens without a doubt, considering your roster. Then, although from what I’ve read on other threads many may disagree, I would (and did) go with Kelile b4 Scarlett for a multitude of reasons but the main one being Scarlett just dies too fast. Proteus and Rigard both are what I consider Essential heroes so I would definitely be focusing on them as well. May the rng Gods grant you a bunch of trap tools in the near future!

Edit: I just re-read your original post and saw you already have a Rigard maxed so you just gotta level up Proteus. I still have yet to be lucky enough to pull him but the second I do I’m power leveling him. He’ll help immensely with the Seasonal events and such that give you all the gauranteed mats you need. Hope I get him b4 Christmas rolls around again-Ma North was a huge pain in the butt last year.

I love Triton in a blue stack for Titans even if he dies for the tile damage. Far as yellows go, unless I had 12 or more orbs, I’d wait for a better yellow myself. Having only 2…idk. I maxed Danz for lack of anything better to work on (and I had a Lot of orbs) but he only comes off the bench on rare occasions for my 5th or 6th War flag and I’m stacking the last of my yellows. He’s just too unreliable for me.

Your next Green ascension should be… Proteus. :stuck_out_tongue: Heh heh. Really, drop what you’re doing and level up Proteus.

Or follow the advice of others and go with Little John, or Melendor if you need a healer/dispeller.

Good gaming!


I wasn’t paying much attention to Gad, but now that you mention the family bonus, I am considering him. I think that BT-Triton-Gad-Proteus-Li could be a nice raid defense. Oh well, Kash might be retired. After all, I already had plans to remove his emblems and give them to Proteus. I even saved a reset emblem for that purpose. But he will hold the fort until I finish Mel, Gad and Prot.

I don’t have the mats right now, so probably Scarlett will make it to 3.60 before I can ascend the next red. I will try them both then and decide.

Yup, I even got all the Mats for Proteus. I just need the feeders. I might fire TC19 to make it go quicker and power level some other guys. I was pretty excited for him. Got him with the last coins I got from AR.

He is really my priority now. He even had the decency to show up the second after I finished Rigard. This mage is such a gentleman. I might even feed him my maxed Gill-Ra, Balthazar and Tyrum to make it go faster! (I am kidding… or not :thinking:).

Thanks everyone for your help. My main questions are solved.


Funny, I was finishing BT and left him after a lucky single pull gave me this much wanted hero. I still need Wilbur and I think that is all from the 4*s from S2 that I want. I don’t have Agwe or Sumitomo but Agwe seems like a weaker Isarnia and Sumitomo a weaker Elena. As you stated he will be HUGE in the Christmas event as last year I couldn’t get past L24 no matter what I did. But I have many more 5* hero’s now and Proteus to slow them down. MOTHER NORTH LOOK OUT!!!

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