Which one first priority

Hello guys.
I want to ask the opinion of which hero you will prioritize among these 3 hero

  1. Sir lancelot = level 60, ascend 3
  2. Sumitomo = level 40, ascend 2
  3. Gormek = level 27, ascend 1

The main question I would ask, do you have Tiburtus or Grimm or Wilbur at 3/60 or 4/70:
-> Yes, go with Lancelot
-> No, go with Gormek

In any other case I would take Lancelot. But like all ascending questions it heavily depens on your full roster, spending behaviour and priorized play style (pvp / titan / events).


I dont have tiburtus, grim or wilbur.
My def team
Chao 4/70, lancelot 3/60, kashrek 4/50, richard 3/70, rigard 4/70

I like lancelot very much but her defense make me sad only 533 is veey poor for 4*

But look at that attack stat!

I probably wouldn’t use Lance on a defensive team. Gormek would be more suitable for that with what you have.

I have Lance at 3/60 as well and don’t use him often. He is only there because I never have gloves. I have 15 4 and 5* waiting on gloves. Sucks but at least they work for wars for the most part.

But i see lancelot its great for hit titan. Same problem to me about ascend material, my glove now only have 2 (1 i will give to drakefong)

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Gormek as most would say.

You can pulverize then add drakes nunchucks to your enemies. :joy:

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It really depends on your team priorities right now.

Lance and Gormek have different uses although most would say Gormek is key with his pulverizer and I agree. Very important special to have.

At this point I might say go for Lance to try to increase titan score and chance for more mats to drop for you.

But I would get Gormek up to 60 as well as you seem like me and waiting for those gloves. (I have a friend who has 43 pairs of gloves in his inventory…:frowning:)

How about sumitomo? Isn’t good

I am just leveling mine now. But my buddy maxed him and said he is ok. He looks decent to me but pulverizer is a staple that is why I suggested Gormek 2nd. Lance first to increase your titan scores and chances for mats.

What level of Titans are you fighting?

I would go for Gormek, he would be better for you in both Titans and defence. His special is crucial in Titans as he lowers the Titans defence which causes higher damage both in tile damage and hero hits from ALL your heros. Also, his health is very high which compensates a bit for his defence. Gormek will stay alive much longer than Lance, who is very squishy and dies easily.

Titan 7*
My titan team
Drake level 1/3
Lancelot level 60/3
Richard 70/3
Chaou 70/4
Rigard 70/4

Ok i try up my gormek. Thanx for your opinion bro

You won’t regret it. He is useful everywhere. Mine is sitting at 60 because of gloves…

You mean lancelot or gormek?

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You right if i have bad puzzle my lancelot die first hahahhaahah…

Actually both of mine are at 60.

Lance is more of a niche hero and works well on titans more so when you color stack.

Gormek is an all around hero good in many different aspects of the game.

So you can’t go wrong depending what your going for and where you are at in the game. Since you don’t have a pulverizer I would concede my initial thought and say Gormek for sure.

Well, for now lancelot i leave st level 60 and now i focus on gormek. Thanks for the advice

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You won’t be disappointed.

Maybe you’ll find some gloves along the way.

That is what I always hope for…But unfortunately never happens.

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Hahaha… no i’m not disappointed. I just like this game because of the challenge of finding material to increase the strength of the hero is difficult

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