Which of those purple 4* should I focus on?

as you can see, I got all the one’s that the people are divided around, and I got Balthazar at 6/8, which one could replace him? My style is high damage all the way(but I am willing to sacrifice some for a good amount of health or armor) would appreciate the help as this is my first 15 minutes of signing up as I saw that the community was not toxic

Tiburtus first. His special is a key to good titan scores. Either Sabina or Merlin would be my next choices, depending on whether I needed a healer or not. Both are good choices.
Aeron you should hold off on until you have those 4* heroes done. They’re easier to level in time and resources, and by the time you’re done you may have a better 5* option.

Yeah, I stopped leveling him after seeing how bad he is, thanks for your answer, will max tiburtus for now

Tiburtus is a must, if you don’t have Grimm or Gormek that is. However, I would give Merlin a special recommendation. He’s not that great in defense, but talking offense I think he’s a hidden gem. His special skill can let you disable your enemy’s special skill, which is very useful in e.g. raids or challenge events. I have been using Merlin quite succesfully in raids against stronger teams than mine, and I’m very curious about how we will perform in the next event.

Tell us about what you’re focusing on in game. What activities you’re focusing on and what stage of the game you’re at make a big difference.

Right now looks like you’ve got Balthy, HuTao, Alasie, Berden, and Nashgar as a primary team. I’d say your choice for purple is between Tibs and Sabina. Merlin is awesome, but I don’t think you need him yet. Aeron is pretty great also, but not at the low levels, and I wouldn’t suggest leveling 5*'s at this point anyway.

Honestly, I think you need a first healer more than another hitter. I know you said “high damage all the way”, and both of your healer options will give great tile damage. Also you’ll quickly reach a point of extreme frustration without a healer (bad boards will just destroy your team), so you need a little bit of balance.

Given that you have Balthy at 50 already, I would suggest you think about bringing Melendor up to replace Berden, then work on Tiburtus. Both Balthy and Berden hit hard and fast and have basically the same stats, but Balthy is the best 3* purple, and Berden is arguably not the best 3* green. If you’re set on replacing Balthy, then go for Sabina - same power set as Mel, but less attack power so you’ll take a hit on tile damage.

Agree that Tibs should come next, he’s fantastic.

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