Which of my non-season one heroes should I prioritise?


High priority: Guardian Falcon, Nordri, Proteus, Lepus
Heroes I use often: blue healer (Helo, Lemur), Bjorn
Heroes I use in niche tournaments (or would if I had them): Gramps, Pixie, Gretel, Bauchan, Sally, Buddy
Heroes I almost never use but would if I had emblems: Namahage, Mnesseus, Hisan


Nice selection… for me I would first focus on Proteus, Guardian Falcon, Gretel, Sir Lancelot.
Buddy, Mack, Brynhild
For your 3* heroes, I would max out-
Nordri, Helo, Gramps, Grevle, Bjorn, Mnesseus, Namahage, Bauchan, Sally, Shrubbear, Hisan and Phoenicus

Whichever heroes you choose good luck

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Proteus and Merlin are the two I would focus on. The Guardian heroes are also cool.

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Thanks guys. I was hoping something might come up family-wise if this looks good.

@Ruskin505 @JGE

Any thoughts on which blue to be levelling? (uncostumed Boril is in use at 80/20)


What I use the most out of your heroes (or would use, if I had them) are:

(First mentioned means most used. I favor speed, mostly.)

3 :stars:

:heart: Fire Heroes: Phoenicus (Bauchan, Ei-Dunn)
:blue_heart: Ice Heroes: Nordri (Vodnik, Helo)
:green_heart: Nature Heroes: Hisan (Grevle, By-Ulf)
:purple_heart: Dark Heroes: Jack (Bjorn, Guardian Bat)
:yellow_heart: Holy Heroes: Kvasir (Pixie, Agnes)

4 :stars:

:heart: Fire Heroes: Guardian Falcon (Mack, Sir Lancelot)
:blue_heart: Ice Heroes: Kiril (Boril´s costume)
:green_heart: Nature Heroes: Brynhild (Buddy)
:purple_heart: Dark Heroes: Proteus (Merlin, Stonecleave)
:yellow_heart: Holy Heroes: Gretel

Out of your whole bunch, the ones that stand out the most, for me, are:

3 :stars:
Grevle- especially for overheal in challenge events can help so much. Kvasir too.
Nordri for a powerful Defense down.
Bauchan and Pixie for mana control.

4 :stars:
Proteus, Merlin and Gretel for mana control.
Guardian Falcon for powerful Defense down
Brynhild for superb healing and protective skills

I seem to recall, that I first concentrated on building 6 teams of 3 stars, then moved up to 4 stars at 3/60 etc. I focused healers first, then snipers, then anything in between that.

Not sure if that helps in any way, and where you ‘are’ in game right now of course, but, best of luck to you, great collection :four_leaf_clover: :slight_smile:

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Finish Master Lepus first, then Kiril and Costume, then Nordri, then Helo and finally Borils Costume (I only play Boril with the costume bonus rather than in costume).
Good luck
Just for info -


This is the order I’d go with. They all add something useful.


Thank you. I’ll certainly be levelling heroes 5 at a time, colour for colour but will work through those.

Boril is my last choice
What heroes do you have leveled today? Kiril and nordri are the two that I would prioritize.

Lepus will be the most costly to finish but you should finish him at some point.

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Grimm, Boril non-costume, Isarnia, Mireweve, Jott and Valen,

No poll? Fewer responses. If you put in the work you’ll be rewarded

My choices would be:


Kvasir / Grevle / Gramps / Shrubbear

Never Vlad … he is a sad hero IMHO (and I have him maxed)


Falcon / Brynhild / Merlin / Proteus

Buddy is also decent.


After the 3* and 4*
Lepus and Devana are both good.