Which of my heroes would best fight titans?

Which of my heroes would best fight titans, either in mono or mixed teams?
That’s my main question but any further thoughts on embleming and strategies to use with my crews would also be appreciated.
I’ve got up to Forge 18 for timestops and just got HL1 for harpoons and have been recommended to use and also with tornadoes of which I’ve got a fairly modest stock (but I’ll get to upgrading the forge after this PoV and may be able to ration my way through).
thanx all! :+1:

The basic thing for titan is

Mass attack boost eg Miki, Tarlak, Gazelle, Wu
Def down
Elemental def down
Tile booster
High attack stat

As many in strong colour as possible.

Tornadoes themselves are less important and I wouldn’t go overboard on harpoons either if you are only at HL1.

Value mats are Arrows to hope for misses, mana pots, bear banners, turtle banners.

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But I don’t have Miki, Tarlak, Gazelle or Wu! :sob:

I think my best defense debuffers are Tibertus and Isarnia.
My best attack booster is Boldtusk.
I was using these with limited results but seemed to do better with mono on last titan. Perhaps I just got lucky.
“As many in strong colour as possible” - which is what I had been thinking.

If you don’t have one of them just go with highest attack stat in strong colour

Personally, i use a mono or 4-1 team that is stacked strong againt the color of the titan. The 1 odd color is usually wu kong for his massive bonus (can be swapped with Miki/Tarlak if you have them).

With your roster, I would say:

Yellow titan: dom, tibs, sartana, boldtusk, liana
Purple titan: devana, lixiu, grimm, liana, boldtusk
Red titan: boril, sonya, isarnia, liana, boldtusk
Green titan: elena, boldtusk, scarlet, liana, devana
Blue titan: liana, boldtusk, devana, dom, tibs

Other, more experienced players may offer better solitions. But I would highly suggest pulling for a wu kong. He is surely a gamechanger for titan scores, and relatively easy to get.

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For now here are your titans team:

Purple against yellow titans : tibertus - domitia - sartana - Sabina - balthazar

Yellow against purple titans : isarnia - boltusk - devana - liu xiu - hu tao. You could also switch BT for costume kailani once leveled

Blue against red titans : isarnia - boril - sonya - mireweave- BT. Replace Boldtusk by kiril once he is at least 3.60

Green against blue titans: isarnia - lianna - little John- caedmon- melandor. Replace isarnia by buddy when he is maxed and use costume melandor once maxed

Red against green titans : isarnia - boltusk - elena - scarlett - kellile


I was thinking of suggesting this particular mono setup, but would you honestly take baltazar over liana+13?

I might take Baltazar and four other purples over Liana+13 and four purples.
But … :man_shrugging:

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…power wise it’s 442 vs 844 :scream:

Yes. Titans are a matter of tiles damage not power numbers which mean nothing in this game.

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Thanks for the help :heart:

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one starting mana on Isarnia and one harpoon after the first stun but that was it :smiley:

I think I’d use baltazar with Goldilocks titans, those that are tough enough to warrant use of items like timestops and tornadoes. With both escaping titans and those that are more easily taken I’d use the my durable liana+13. An off colour hero is better than a dead hero. :smiley:

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I’ve just got just been fast pacing with TC19 with levellings including getting a Wu Kong to 4/70.

I’d appreciate advice about incorporation into my titan teams. Here’re my lineups

Tibertus, Dominitia.em19, Sartana, Sabina.em20, Wu Kong
(Balthazar, 2nd Sartana^1lev35, Boldtusk, Wu Kong.em20)

Isarnia.em19, Wu Kong.em20, Devana.em2, Joon^4lv5, Li Xiu.em20
(Boldtusk, Hu Tao^4lv48, Vivica^2lv60-need another orb)

Boldtusk, Isarnia.em19, Jott^4lv55, Boril.em20, Sonia.em20.
(Miraweave, Jott^4lv55, Grimm^4lv7, Wu Kong.em20)

Isarnia.em19, Lianna.em20, Little John.em20, Kadelen^4lv47, Melendor.em20.
(Caedmon^3lv27, Wu Kong.em20)

Isarnia.em19, Boldtusk, Elena.em19, Kelile.cos+lb1, Scarlett.
(Wu Kong.em20)