Which of my heroes should I use against different elements of titan and in war and raid defences?

I currently have:
gold 3* Bane ^3Lv50Pw445
gold 3* Kailani ^3Lv50Pw424 (skill lvl 4 no extra damage inflicted/sharing damage recieved)
gold 4* Gan Ju ^2Lv7Pw307
gold 3* Kvasir ^1Lv29Pw301 (skill 2 bee minion)
gold 3* Bane ^1Lv12Pw265
2 3* troops, many 2s
purple 4
Tiburtus ^3Lv6Pw464
purple 3* Balthazar ^3Lv50Pw437 (skill 7 but otherwise maxed)
purple 2* Layla ^3Lv15Pw302
purple 3* Balthazar ^1Lv1
Purple 3* Renfeld ^1Lv1
1 4* and 3 3* troops
blue 4* Grimm 3^Lv60Pw547
blue 4* Boril ^1Lv24Pw352
blue 3* Valen ^2Lv24Pw339
blue 4* Boril ^1Lv1Pw312
blue 3* Ulmer ^1Lv4Pw252
plenty 3* troops
green 3* Carver ^3Lv50Pw444
green 4* Melendor ^2Lv32Pw410 my only decent healer (costume ^1lv40)
green 4* Caedmon ^1Lv11Pw325 (costume ^1lv2)
green 4* Little John ^1Lv1Pw312
green 3* Tuck ^1Lv18Pw271
green 3Brienne ^1Lv9Pw362
5 3
red two 3* Azars ^3Lv50Pw444
red 3* Nashgar ^2Lv5Pw299
only 1-2* troops

I’d appreciate advice on the sequences of lineups that I should use in different circumstances.
I’m currently not planning to do much levelling up for a while. I’m storing up 1-2*heroes in TC11s and (while currently just levelling stronghold to lev 18) I’m thinking to wait until TC20s have produced heroes better worth the investment.

That format is pretty hard to read, so you may not get much feedback. Perhaps a screenshot of your heroes sorted by element would be better

So for titans, on which I assume you are at fairly low levels, using one of Tiburtus or Grimm would be advisable for def down, just don’t use against weak colours. Then several levelled heroes of the strong colour against that particular Titan

If I understand your list and comments correctly, you don’t seem to be levelling 3* heroes much? Waiting for 4* and 5*? That is a mistake. Level up the decent 3* stuff you have for depth and colour stacking, and so you can finish the various events and quests that get you ascension mats and emblems. Gotta walk before you run

If you post an easier to read roster I’m sure more feedback would be forthcoming

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I’m not gonna answer the question but you need to level your 3 and 4 star heroes. You have some really good one there that you will use for years to come. Max then veggie you start to chase “better” heroes.

Kiril, Melendor, Tiburtus, Kvasir, Bane, Balthazar, to name a few. These are heroes you will always need in the game.

Against dark and with a team base with gold 3* Bane ^3Lv50Pw445 and
blue 4* Grimm 3^Lv60Pw547
should I use gold 3* Kailani ^3Lv50Pw424 (skill lvl 4 no extra damage inflicted/sharing damage received) or purple 4 Tiburtus ^3Lv6Pw464 / purple 3* Balthazar ^3Lv50Pw437 (skill 7 but otherwise maxed)?

Don’t use purple on purple titans, use Grimm instead, as colour is at least neutral. Grimm plus four levelled yellows for now

I repeat, the way you are expressing your heroes levels is not easily read and understood which will lead to reduced levels of useful feedback. Suggest using screenshots

I’m not going to be levelling heroes for a while and this is why I’m asking for advice about which heroes to use now.

As mentioned I want to get TC20s running to give heroes that I want to support before I invest about 1000 stored TC11 heroes. I first need:

9+ days to upgrade iron storage for stronghold 20
18 days to continue stronghold upgrades to 20
23 days to upgrade a new training camp to level 20
Time to for TC20/s to produce heroes that I then want to level up.

Here is a picture of my teams:

team 1 rainbow
team 2 vs dark
team 3 vs holy
team 4 vs red
team 5 vs green
team 6 vs blue
Grimm in teams 1,2,3,4&6.
Bane in teams 1,2,4,5&6.

I always understood that was your intention. Unfortunately I completely disagree with it, you should train up decent three and four star heroes for reasons I stated earlier. You need them for colour stacking and to access content that you cannot currently access, and to get ascension materials from titans, quests and events

Caedmon, Melendor, Kvasir and Brienne are all good. Nashgar, Boril and Valen are all OK. Finish levelling Tiburtus. Not training decent heroes in the early game when you have them is a bad idea. Don’t use unlevelled heroes, they are ineffective

If you really want to stick to your current strategy, you will need advice from someone else, as I am not going to advise on how to do something which I think is a mistake


I agree with @Infinite. The best heroes in the game are the ones you have. TC20 is a good goal; however, it stands just as good a chance of giving you a string of Dawas and Ulmers as it does anything more powerful.
Keep working on your building, but start finishing your existing roster in the meantime. You’ll be happier for it in the long run.

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Thanks @Infinite and @Exceleron,
I’m training heroes colour by colour and am wondering about sequences.
As a titan hitter:
After getting Tib to ^3Lev60 (I don’t have the ascension materials to go further) should I level up Tyrum for the targetted attack and debuffs, another Balthazar for even better sniping, a Renfeld, Chochin or Oberon.
After similar leveling for Melendor I’t think I should train Caedmon rather than Melendor’s costume.
After similar levelling for Boril I could continue levelling a Valen (I also have Ulmer, Graymane and Gunnar).
After maxing (sans emblems) Nashgar I could level a second Nashgar, a third Azar or a Jahangir.
After ‘maxing’ Kvasir I could train a 4*Hu Tao or a second Bane (I also have a max level Kailani and unlevelled Hu Tao, Gan Ju and, of course, Dawa).
Which routes are best?

Melendor costume won’t take that long but if your short on mats I’d still level it as far as you can then start on cadeom.
Chochin and jahangir valen and gan ju I’d do next after.
Chochin Janangir are sorcerers they help for trials valen is good as gives def down and ganju a monk plus mana down.

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Thanks for that, I’d not even been thinking about trials. Tyrum is a paladin and I’ve also got none of them levelled and I’ve now started levelling him. I’ll research the trials combinations to see which classes work best together but would still appreciate advice.

My priorities are hitting titans while mercing and getting decently high raid trophies to give access into alliances while mercing. Trials is something else I need to consider. Wars are something I need a tiny bit more of for PoV but just for that. :))

Sorcerers go with rogues (where i’ve got a levelled Carver and a half levelled 2* Leyla) and with Wizards (Where I’ve got a levelled Balthazar)
Paladins (where I’m also weak) go with Rangers (where I’ve got mighty Tibertus) and with Monks (where i’ve got 1.1 Banes and slightly levelled Gan Ju and Tuck)
I think I’d like to level up whoever was individually better out of Tyrum and Chochin but I’ve started levelling Tyrum so far.

Yeah finish tryum, plus its good have a viarety of hero’s leveling multiple 3* of the same at this stage of the game isn’t really needed for you.

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