Which of my 5 stars to finally ascend?

I’m getting close to being able to do the final ascension on some of my 5 stars. It’s taken a long time to get the mats for this so I don’t want to mess it up.

I will have the following options:

1 Purple from: Kunchen or Sartana (my 4 stars: Rigard, Tibertus, Cyprian, Sabina)

1 Yellow from: Onatel, Joon, Musashi, Rana or Leonidas (my 4 stars: Li Xiu, Hu Tai, Wu, Danza, Chao)

1 Blue: Thorne, I can do him now, but he doesn’t seem highly rated so I could be better off waiting for something better?

My thinking was to go for 1 tank and 1 sniper; so Kunchen & Joon, or Onatel and Sartana. I’m leaning towards Onatel / Sartana as they get the most use at the moment. But maybe Kunchen & Onatel is better…

Any advice would be appreciated!

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Would probably be better to know what others you have in other colours too, for long term balance

Based on what I can see:

Sartana before Kunchen. You’ve already got Rigard for the cleanse

For me, I’d go Rana or Joon. At your stage, offense is everything. Onatel is a serviceable tank (she doesn’t concern me overly but she’s ok) but when you have no fives ascended tank isn’t that important. Long term Kunchen is probably your best tank but that can wait

Snipers just kill stuff. You need to kill stuff, specifically titans and bosses, so go with snipers

And for your first blue five, wait. Thorne maybe once you’ve got 10-11 scopes and nobody else waiting


Thanks! My other colours:

Blue: Kiril, Grimm, Agwe, Sonya, Boril (not leveled), Triton (not leveled)
Red: Boldtusk, Colen, Kelile, Sumitomo, Gormek, Scarlett (not leveled)
Green: Melendor, Caedmon, Little John, Skittleskull, Gobbler (not leveled), Kashrek (not leveled)

I don’t know Kuchen that well. My choice would be Onathel and Sartana. Onathel is just super and only few heroes can counter her. Sartana has that lazer sharp sniper attack that can take an enemy ptoblem out with one hit.

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My personal advice:

Kunchen - heals and debuffs
Joon - more versatile
And Boril before a 5* hero

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My advice Kunchen, Onatel, Triton, Boldtusk, Cademon.

Till you have better blue and green. Also I like Little John more then Cademon as he is all around mess. Hitting all and with Kunchen lowering defense he can be killer.

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Kunchen and Onatel are top notch heroes, Thorne isn’t the best hero as first blue so Id say to keep working on your 4* as Triton and Boril.
Scarlett would be a good addition for your titan’s team and Gobbler/Kashhrek would be useful mainly for class trials.

Kunchen and Onatel are very durable heroes and helps a lot with damage recovery and damage prevention by respectively cleanse & healing the whole team and (for dark allies) putting a defense buff against holy damage and slowing your foes’ mana generation and (for holy allies) healing over time.

Kunchen also decrease your foes’ defenses, letting your other hitter dealing more damage and is immune to defense reductions while Onatel is immune to blinds’ effect.

Combine Kunchen and Onatel with 3 heroes of a single color to destroy every defense and put Kunchen as tank with Onatel next to him for your defense.

You’ll not regret it :slight_smile:


Thanks everyone! Definitely leaning towards Onatel and Kunchen now. Onatel was a star in helping me complete Grimmforest by keeping the bosses mana down.

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Since you are leaning towards those two, I’d hold off on Thorne. Sometime plans change and those MATs are hard to come by.

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I wouldn’t do Thorne. Wait. SO many possibilities at 5* blue that are more worth final ascension. Like…all of them.

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Hold off on Thorne, next blue hotm Miki will be very good vs titans, unless you pull Magni.

Kunchen is the top tank, you can literally have him surrounded by a couple of 4* and have a fighting chance for your defense, added bonus if your alliance uses dark war tanks. He’s also great vs titans.

joon is one of the best snipers and great vs titans (see the overall theme??) but is fragile and really needs to be maxed to use him effectively.
Onatel is a great support hero but as your main holy 5*, will not be very helpful. Plus she is much more defense oriented so you can use her at 3/70, more so than joon.

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