❓ Which NFAMs*

:question: Which NFAMs

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I think propably more like “Return to Morlovia” (20 stages) with green leveling items.
My hypothesis : Perhaps SG will add same emblems (like Wonderland).


@_John_Doe Hope you don’t mind, I expanded the thread title for those who aren’t as savvy with acronyms as you are. :slight_smile:


I do hope that they put 24 stages as Christmas. Although Christmas has 4 heroes and other have only 3 :confused: , maybe a new hero too?

Emblems buff, yeah that would be normal.

But what about stage 6, 12, 18, 24 rewards? tokens and trainers (most likely green ones) should be also.

stage 24 should be shield for normal and tonic for advanced.
But what about stage 18? the counter color? hblade and rings? I’d love that!

What’you think?

I was just looking at this yesterday, and since I only started last October and wasn’t around for the previous Springvale I was very surprised at the rewards I found in the images. The entire normal mode reward tree was farmable right? (unless I’m mistaken) except for a pair of trainer heroes and an avatar. And then the advanced reward tree had one 3* AM (Shield), compared to recent events the normal didn’t seem worth the world energy and advanced didn’t seem worth finishing after you got the shield at level 10 so I’m glad to hear that they’ve buffed the rewards for recent events :slight_smile:

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The rewards have been increased between springvale, sand empire, return to morlovia …
I think 24 stages to santa’s challenge is like a advent calendar.

didn’t know what it ment. I hope the springvale, sand empire, return to morlovia become like that too…

Something like this

1 - 24 each day 1 surprise or chocolate

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I loved the exploding eggs last time, so can’t wait to play the levels again. Would be a good bet that we’ll get sturdy shield and tonic as rewards


Springvale (green), Sand Empire (yellow), Morlovia (purple), Christmas (Blue and Red).

Each of those events in the past year gave a 3-star ascension item if their color and a 4-star ascension item of their color. All but Christmas had the same number of stages.

The Christmas event pulled double duty and featured the materials for 2 colors, but it also ran a lot longer. I suspect one or both of those factors led to each mode being given more stages.

I am expecting this Springvale to be like the last one in offering 1 sturdy shield and 1 Tonic in the advance mode… I am curious about the potential avatar rewards though… Christmas 2017 gave different avatars than christmas 2018… will we see new or more bunny heroes in Springvale 2019 with new avatars (making old avatars legacy like the snowman from Christmas 2017)

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I am hoping for the same difficulty as xmas, with Tonics (Jack O’Hare) and Scopes (Master Lepus).


Has it been announced if Springvale will start this March?

I’ve had zero luck getting the Polar Bear and I’m staring down a pile of gold tokens. Debating if I should burn them or hold out.

Bear > Rabbits. (And a better fit for my teams than April’s HotM)

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Do I understand correctly…you win Master Lepus…the actual hero…if you complete Adanced? Or is it his avatar?

Just his avatar, it’s a common question.


So Easter is one week away…when will springvale start?