Which Next?

I am about to 3-60 with Valeria.

Is she worth taking to 70?

Maxed blues I have Grimm, Sonya, Kiril, Isarnia.

level 60: Grimm, Sonya, Boril, Valeria (soon)

Others: 2x Richard, Isarnia, Thorne (haha), 2x Grimm, 2x Kiril, Sonya, Gato (don’t use 3* but he cool to look at).

Since I am here I will ask about yellow.

Maxed: Joon, Wu, Gretal

2x Drake @ 70
2x Wu (trying to figure out if more than 1 is worth it.)

So what is the best Blue and Yellow to do? Or should I just wait on yellow.

note: Orbs are the most common 3* mat for me. I have 14 currently.

Thanks for your input!

For blue max another grimm and next Kiril(never too many healers for war IMHO)
For yellow max drake if you have 6 darts and I hear It’s worth it to have 2-3 wu-kong for wars

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Aaaaaaand if you need tank, Richard can be good for that :slight_smile:

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I was thinking to take my Grimm at 60. I hear people often use multiple for events.

I don’t have the darts. That’s why they have been sitting there. I am hearing some rumbling about the next HOTM being different and awesome. Won’t get 4 darts before then so I guess I will see. I will do another Wu.

Funny you mention tank. I don’t have one of the talked about tanks but have been doing ok.

I have Lianna as tank on my D team currently and it does pretty well. I have been able to stay at 2500+ consistently.

My d team is Rigard Isarnia Lianna Khiona Joon. Khiona is on level 78 and others are maxed.

You have really nice defence team :slight_smile:
Yes i hear in January HOTM will be yellow and other than others

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Thanks, it has come a long way.

I just cannot seem to leave Rigard off a team. He has saved me so much.

One of these days I will be able to play with Victor. After Khiona I will max Proteus (2-42 currently) the I’ll get Victor to 70 (3-1 currently). Normally I don’t like partially leveling but got Victor in the middle of Proteus and then my 6th tabbard in the middle of Victor and Khiona is a key part.

I use Khiona and Wilbur on my raid team with Lianna, Joon, and Rigard.

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