Which Nature 5* Next

Any thoughts on next green? I always go mono and this will be for depth of team rather thank Def Team.

You’re quite healer heavy already in green, which isn’t an uncommon thing really. I would probably go with Bertilla to give you a good AoE5 hero :slight_smile:

Otherwise if you’re not a fan of the slow mana speed, I think Margaret is a very underrated 5* hero. Very Fast Speed with some damage and the dodge. Can definitly change the outcome of a raid & protect your clutch heroes (say Toxi :stuck_out_tongue: )


This is what I was thinking. Stay alive long enough to get Lady of the Lake going.

I would go Marg over Bertilla, but I see the reverse argument.


You have some strange double luck over there congrats!

For offense if you know how to use him correctly, Zocc can be very effective. That mindless attack comes in handy, however, if you time it wrong it’s possible to leave your enemy with full mana so it takes getting used to. Again, you need to know how you use him to be successful.

Bertila being slow is what holds her back but in all honesty i use both of these heroes in my green stack and am very happy with them both. Green i think is my weakest color.

I use these 2 with Telly, Lianna and Almur and have no issues attacking teams.

I don’t have Margaret so don’t know too much about her besides having no issues when facing her in raids.

If I had to choose between those 3, I would choose Zocc. Most people will read that and think i am crazy but the truth is knowing how to time his special properly has made him a valuable hero in my arsenal. He isn’t in my top 20 best heroes but i think he is under rated for sure.

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Bertilia, Margareth, Zocc… (all maxed) of these three I’m using only Zocc in almost every green stack (mostly with Kingston, Lianna and a healer ex Telluria, Melendor, Ratatoskr).
I totally agree about his delicate timing. I would never use Zocc in Defence, then rather Margareth or Bertilia (or Telluria).

Everyone is focus on your 5s which is good!

Also you should get that tettukh leveled! Super Solid 4* hero