Which Nature 4* hero to work on 1st.?

Can someone please help me make a decision of which one of those 2 heroes I should start working on 1st.?

They’re both very good choices. Without knowing anything about your other heroes though, I’d say Caedmon because the dispel is so useful. If you already have a leveled dispeller, then Peters might be a better choice.

Dispell debuff six of one

I would say caedmon. Debuff all the team has more value overall over silence. Plus, you already have him in tier 2

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Thank you for the advice

Peters might be the best 4* star attacker out there, of any color.

I’d lean toward him, but if you don’t have a dispeller (Sabina, Sonya, Domitia, Melendor), I can understand working on Caedmon first.

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Thank you for your input. I do have Sonya as a dispeller at level 3/60 but wasn’t sure if it was redandent to work on someone else with the same attributes. I was intrigued by Peters special skills but wasnt sure if he was worth it.

I worked on Caedmon first because I didn’t have Peters. Now that I just got Peters I stopped working on Caedmon. Caedmon is better for raids because of the debuff. Peters is great for titan hits.

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