WHICH MONO team would perform best for RAID DEFENSE

The only mono defense you’d ever have a shot with is Purple or Yellow. You’re Purple D is much more fearsome…my vote goes there.

As others have said, mono is a terrible idea on defense. Having said that, the purple team is by far the best option since at least Ursena can heavily punish yellow stacking if the attacker gets a bad board. To be clear though, it’s only the best of a bunch of bad options.

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I like the middle from yellow with Guin Leonidas and Ravnir

Two buff defense vs dark and one reduces attack for dark, which ends up being same as triple dark deff buff :slight_smile:

So triple dark deff buff with healing, mana cutting, elemental deff down and attack up. Whole team combo in 3 heroes :slight_smile: W.Rabbit and Drake are bonus and go nicely with Leonidas 3ple deff down and they both target 3 :slight_smile:

The problem is, the attacker would also go mono. Because of that most of the benefits you point out are in reality not relevant.

Mana cutting. Yeah nice, but there is no mana to cut. If there are dark tiles beneath guin she is dead and there will be no manacut , if there are dark tiles beneath some other heroes they are dead and and it would be annoying but not dangerous because guin alone can’t kill you. And if you charge her with off color stones, because there are no yellow tiles anywhere there is also no mana to cut.

Same with healing.
If there are dark tiles - hero is dead - no healing.
If there are no dark tiles - hero has full health - no healing.

Dark Def buff is nice if the attacker use a 3-2 kombo maybe, but if he goes mono, boom 3 maybe 4 tiles and dead. So no real benefit from that.

Yellow is probably the worst of your alternatives, there are a lot of really dangerous dark heroes and with guin you have a tank who does absolutely nothing to stop the attacker.

I would go with the dark Def team, but as many said before, mono deff is not really useful

What awesome rainbow defences we could make from them :joy:

But I went with Blue purely because Cobalt and his randomness. If he gets to full charge it’s wipe out I’ve found. I can (and have) beaten him in much harder rainbows with multiple ninjas in support.

I don’t think you can make any mono defence work in raids. Too easy for me to stack against you

And I don’t get why so many vote for your blue defense. If we asume that most attackers will use mono against you there will be 3 different situations to look at.

  1. Very favorable board - you will loose regardless which def
  2. Medicore board - thats the interesting situation
  3. Very bad board - there are no stones the attacker can use the whole match, you will win with some deffs earlier with some later

Your blue team looks like a really nice off team but very bad deff.
We need to look only at the second situation with the medicore board. You have Aegir as tank with Krampus flank which means I can put nearly unlimited stones into your middle, both won’t do anything threatening me. They can fire as much as they want and there are some really easy methods to win this match. First of all green has some easy obtainable dispelers, you can dumb wrong stones into the middle charge your green heroes dispel Aegir and shoot whoever is the biggest threat at the moment with your snipers. Or bring some def down hero with you and you dont even need to dispel Aegir. Just flip the def+ into def- match some green stones and look the whole deff die at once.

There is only one hero I as the attacker would be concered with, Frida. If she fires your slash attacks will do some serious damage, probably not enough to kill me, but nonetheless threatening.
Finley is harmless with this one. If there are no green stones I won’t have any buffs, he would only hit one heroe and most of the time he can’t one-shot someone. If I have some buffs on me there were enough tiles, that at least half your team is already dead, Finley probably one of the dead.
Cobalt is dangerous, but only at charge 3. If he manages to fire once with charge 3 the match is probably over, but he is super slow and won’t charge fast as wing.

No other team leaves you so much time to play and change the tides. Against the red, dark, green team you would already have lost 3 times if you put so many dead stones into it.

While I agree with what was mostly said, you have to take into consideration tiles dont always hit 3, but sometimes 1 or 2.

Suprised many people dont vote for green, where Telurria does all the different harm to the oponnent

My two cent, mono defense = cup dropping.

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As stated more often than not in this thread, its just competition amongs each other, not necesarilly going for top 5 with them

Most of the time if I face a mono def I think it’s a titan team accidentally set for defense. :wink:


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