WHICH MONO team would perform best for RAID DEFENSE

RED : C.Marjana - JF - Anzogh - Mitsuko - Zimkitha

BLUE : Finley - Frida - Aegir - Krampus - Cobalt

GREEN : Evelyn - Frigg - Telurria - Margaret - Kingston

DARK : Panther - Ursena - Kunchen - Clarissa - Mok’arr

HOLLY : W. Rabbit - C.Leonidas - Guinevere - Ranvir - Drake Fong

Comment :slight_smile:

Edit : Switched black knight for Mitsuko! Forgot blue reflect!

  • RED
  • BLUE
  • DARK

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Neither! Mono isn’t for defense. But since you want me to pick I’ll go for purple, just because I love them dark!


Mono suck for defence, if I had to choose I would go with green probably but don’t do it


Thats the point!

I tried to construct mono teams with best chances of them working out.

I think Dark or red has best chances to win too :slight_smile: So much bonus dmg vs strong element, and reflect!

Any reason for it? You think its strongest option?

Telly is still one of the best tanks in game, Frigg is destructive and can destroy enemy team by herself + 2 strong damage dealers on wings
Also all heroes except tank are fast/v.fast


Can anyone tell me, how to make a poll or moderator makes one ?

It would be interesting to see the results!

From the reply or edit post, click on the Settings on the far right and select Build Poll


Thank you! Poll is up! :slight_smile:

Red or Purple, just because of the reflect.
Telluria might be strong, but she’s still bad when you can stack against her


Dark Ursl or fire Mits (both tank), but still bad mono on def.

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Even bad ones have to compete amongst themselves :slight_smile:

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Why is mono purple bad on defense? I understand mono is bad in the RGB circle because it’s easily countered (attacker will be strong against you, you’ll be weak against him), but in the YP duo, it would seem that if an attacker used a lot of yellows to counter your purple, you’d say … “Great!” Especially with Ursena …

Expert players are better with building combos and since they can just dump as many tiles as needed into enemy . If going mono on offence vs mono defense, you only need 1 match or 4 tiles to kill most enemies…

On the other hand, current poll decided black mono is the best among recommended options

Mono anything is bad on defense because you essentially get none of the benefits of mono and all of the drawbacks. You don’t hit harder, you don’t charge at the same time, and you get slaughtered by even a 3:2 team.

I quite happily take a 3:2 yellow:red against Ursena and win most of the time. It only takes 6 tiles to kill her, even at +20 defense, and I can wait out the buff if she did fire. If I get 6 yellow tiles anywhere then Malosi prevents the reflection anyway.

That’s what I said, but mono holy would be too strong anyway. I usually don’t bring yellows vs Ursl, but in the case that the whole def will be purple, I would.

If Ursl will fire, I would try to wait and heal in between, but tile damage isn’t reflected, so your purple def will most likely die even without triggering specials.

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Mono blue is the toughest because finely and cobalt can both wipe your team in one special…with Aegir and Krampus slowing you down you could be in trouble with a so so board quickly.

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While you wait, there are also Mok Arr and Clarissa with extra dmg to holy if Ursena isnt alive anymore :slight_smile:

Yeah, not many are picking blue, but theres certanly case for it :slight_smile:

Edit : Ah, now that i checked , blue is already second place :slight_smile:

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