Which Lineup to use with these heroes?

I have these heroes? What should i level first? Im focusing on maps and raid attack.
Thanks in advance

Level first the ones who increase your attack stat and decrease your foe’s defense.

Kiril is your best friend here: it heals and increases both attack and defense for your whole team.
All of your heroes are good for something: you will need many leveled heroes to complete class trials and get the emblems needed to further empower your heroes when they will reach their maximum level.

Start saving every rare material and emblem will help you later :slight_smile:

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I was thinking something like Caedmon/Kiril/Li Xiu/Rigard/Kelile for offense raids. What do you think about it?

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They are all solid heroes for a rainbow team :slight_smile:

When you’ll face a strong tank you could try attacking with more heroes of the same element to have an increased tile damage and to try charging more specials at once.
This is a common tactic in this game, expecially successful at high levels.

The tiles of the missing color would only deal 1 point of damage tough.

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1.Kiril (Blue)
2.Caedmon (Green)
3.Kelile (Red)
4. Rigard (Dark)
5. Li Xiu (Holy)

good rainbow team

Maybe not focus on fours yet, and put together a few rainbow three star teams to get depth and have the ability to compete in events and on titans? Threes for stacking are pretty handy in your first few months of playing, especially the fast hitters like Bane, Balthazar, Berden, Nashgar and Valen. Just don’t feed Greymane, he is a very bad dog


Little update… I’m using kiril/caedmon/lixiu/colen/rigard.
Should i swap colen with kelile or stay with what i have?
Also in which order should i use them and would you trying summoning a new yellow hero for offense instead of Li Xiu?
Sorry that’s a lot of questions.
Thanks in advance

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